Translation of chinless wonder in Spanish:

chinless wonder

hijo de papá, n.


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    hijo de papá masculine informal
    hija de papá feminine informal
    • And no matter how wide it casts its editorial ambit, this is still a publication which takes ‘Scottish society’ to mean a handful of chinless wonders partying in ballrooms.
    • We're talking about stockbrokers, estate agents and sundry chinless wonders, tooled-up with expensive gear and ridiculous clothing.
    • They sneer as much at self-employed plumbers and brickies as they do at those they see as chinless wonders.
    • The Easter holiday kicks off, with a flood of chinless wonders heading off out of London in their huge cars.
    • The word ‘ride’ is supposed to mean, er, something enjoyable, not ‘four pale chinless wonders from Oxford who think that owning a few effects pedals makes them a Real Guitar Band’.
    • The Scottish king talks posh, like those chinless wonders from Bertie Wooster's book of silly asses.
    • The box fills with civic worthies, ladies in floral hats, and the occasional chinless wonder who has wangled a sly invitation.
    • Behind Anastasia one of the chinless wonders was smoking a spliff, and, for whatever reason, after each drag he was putting his hand behind his back, like he was hiding it.
    • Thus my intake of no-mark, chinless wonder government ministers has reduced dramatically.
    • He is degenerating into a sad parody of himself as we draw closer to the day when this chinless wonder pushes his salivating self forward as the great white hope of the party.