Translation of chintz in Spanish:


chintz, n.

Pronunciation /tʃɪn(t)s/


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    chintz masculine
    • In addition, ‘Tropiques,’ a polyester/cotton printed chintz, is going into more bedding and draperies.
    • Fabrics varied, and included calendared or glazed fabrics of wool, plain or floral printed calicos and muslins, and glazed chintz monochrome or polychrome prints.
    • Typical of fine Indian chintz, the cotton is not printed, but mordant-painted and resistdyed.
    • Houses have plenty of wallpaper, lace curtains, chintz sofas, and wood floors.
    • As an accent, this pink implies a 1940s-style take on decorating, when chintz floral prints and lampshades with fringe were all the rage in comfy, overstuffed living rooms.
    • There was a gaily-lighted Christmas tree in the corner next to us, and with its chintz curtains, cottage-style tables and candles, the restaurant felt comfortably old fashioned.
    • Cotton chintz is firm and the finishing treatment helps shed stains and soil.
    • A green and purple European needlework carpet and dark maroon chintz curtains with pink flowers and blue-green leaves complemented the soft pink of the paneling.
    • The other two rooms were furnished with green wallpaper and rugs, utilitarian white-painted furniture, and chintz curtains.
    • That was back in 1903, and the editor's room was later described as being like a woman's boudoir, with dainty wall mirrors, chintz curtains and Queen Anne chairs.
    • Moonlight streamed through the motel's chintz curtains.
    • Keep the floor simple by sanding and add blocks of colour in rugs in pastels that tone with billowing curtains on poles in chintz and damask.
    • Literally denoting a style of printed fabric, usually glazed and characterised by floral patterns, chintz mutated into a generic term in the Nineties, one usually uttered with an accompanying sneer.
    • She favoured floral chintz, velvet button-back chairs and mahogany antiques.
    • One half of the floor is covered in Persian rugs with chintz armchairs and red velvet couches, scattered haphazardly around the room, all covered in shawls and scarves and beaded afghans.
    • For curtains, go with something like percale or chintz.
    • Because treasures from China have been used in decorating for centuries around the world, they will provide a nice counterbalance to a room with chintz fabrics, or a room with loads of antiques.
    • There is no floral chintz, no shelves packed with knick-knacks; there's no ornate wrought iron, no statuary, no bookshelves.
    • Smooth, shiny surfaces such as silk, moiré, chintz and silk-like looks support a more formal feeling in a room.
    • Porcelain, silk, ivory, crystal, muslin, chintz and lacquered wood were all first introduced to Europe between 1500 and 1800.