Translation of chinwag in Spanish:


cháchara, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃɪnˌwæɡ/ /ˈtʃɪnwaɡ/


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    cháchara feminine informal
    palique masculine Spain informal
    to have a chinwag chacharear informal
    • Against doctor's orders, I took part in an obligatory chinwag with some radio chat show gasbag last week, and he was mouthing the dimbulb cant that Pat Riley's luster has faded.
    • So, next time someone enjoins you in a chinwag about ‘sticky-business’, you'll certainly have something trivial to add to the conversation besides the price of tea in Tuktoyuktuk.
    • He said: ‘I came here just to have a good chinwag really with the students and talk to them about going into the industry and about how they feel about it.’
    • To give seniors an incentive to have a chinwag about their health, Gibson's Pharmacy is offering 10 per cent off all vitamins and minerals during Seniors Week.
    • Those who claim that the anticipated absence of promotion and relegation makes the season's run-in meaningless have obviously not shared a chinwag with Ian McCall in recent weeks.
    • It wasn't until election night when the votes started rolling in that poor old Bill realised that Kiwis are a friendly lot and are mostly happy for a chinwag even if they have no intention of voting for you.
    • We're going to try and set up a chat room on a Saturday (early afternoon for the UK, late evening for him in PNG) so we can all meet and have a good chinwag with him.
    • Our interview had been pencilled in for around 45 minutes earlier but when it comes to priorities, he knows that hard work rates higher than a chinwag with a journalist.
    • They dearly love a good chinwag, so don't disappoint them!
    • The Dark Side have a bit of a get together and a chinwag.
    • Oh yes - I've got a new MSN Messenger account, so come and have a chinwag if you're on there too.
    • Bibliophiles can enjoy a literary chinwag and dinner at Books At the Brewery on Tuesday night, Nov 2.
    • After a robust chinwag with the Amigos he assured us that was no chance.
    • Well, Josie's confidence vanishes when she finds out that Marc has sought out Jesse for a private chinwag.
    • Jason Gardener is regaling me with tales of an invite to Buckingham Palace and a chinwag with the Queen.
    • This wasn't a star deigning to give her time, but someone happy to have a chinwag.
    • We had a little chinwag with him and Rat Records label partner Ollywood on the reasons why breakbeat has got them so excited…
    • As the High Court celebrates its 100th birthday - we have a chinwag with three of its judges.
    • I've been trying to get a hold of him for a chinwag but we've only managed one brief meeting so far.

intransitive verb chinwagging, chinwagged, chinwagged

informal, dated
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    estar de cháchara informal
    estar de palique Spain informal
    chacharear informal
    • I expect comics to come and be prepared and I expect them not to stand around chinwagging with each other while people are onstage working.
    • A large bulk of the city's inhabitants still spend their afternoon chinwagging over coffee and cake cocooned in an atmosphere of rococo exuberance.
    • Had lunch nearby, then went back to the hotel to chinwag with the parents, then came home when P was on his way in Arfur.
    • Our pub is fantastic, only a stroll across the road - the place is packed with locals, so we can go there at any time of day and have someone to chinwag with.
    • Attractive staff helped the tasty beverages go down and the intimate venue gave us boys a chance to chinwag before we hit a club.
    • After months of two-way chinwagging, the Haitians are getting a bit ornery about Mayor's Tremblay's failure to follow up on his promise.
    • My sister Nancy is out - its just Hector and I chinwagging.