Translation of chipper in Spanish:


alegre, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃɪpər/ /ˈtʃɪpə/


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    • It's a shame that the lively antics and chipper music of the Max & Ruby series, combined with a minimum level of interactivity, weren't applied to this extra.
    • Normally, he was chipper and happy all the time.
    • And that means you're not going to find that happy, chipper person you might have found in the '80s.
    • Abruptly interrupting his deep thoughts was a bright and chipper voice that seemed concerned about him.
    • The young woman looked over at him, and then flushed slightly, looking back at Dendria, who rolled her eyes, and shrugged slightly; the woman laughed, a pleasant, chipper sound.
    • ‘Wow, you're sure chipper this morning,’ Alex commented on the grin plastered on his sister's face.
    • But maybe these are fairly happy times too: this year Bélanger was spotted at a video shop and a downtown spaghetti restaurant, walking around in apparently chipper form.
    • But, oddly, I'm feeling rather chipper tonight.
    • She hasn't had an alarm clock in 20 years (she's only mid forties) but she is up and awake and disgustingly chipper a full 3 hours before the winter sun.
    • We certainly feel a bit more chipper than we did three months ago.
    • They're selling this as though it was this chipper comedy.
    • It was a tone at once chipper and woeful that suggested Maddy was a frail eggshell-spirited thing and had best be treated gently.
    • He looked very chipper when he was in Paris, but less so back at the bunker.
    • Spookily enough I feel rather chipper this morning.
    • Jesus, no wonder I've been so chipper the last couple of years!
    • When we last spoke to Damien he was very chipper.
    • I was very surprised to find three messages, all from NDM, who was sounding very chipper and he was asking me to call him back.
    • Jamieson was in chipper mood about returning to his homeland.
    • Again, he seemed quite chipper, so we reckoned that he'd probably thrown up whatever was disturbing his digestion.
    • When I left, she was chipper and perky and seemed in as good of health as ever before.