Translation of chipset in Spanish:


chipset, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃɪpˌsɛt/ /ˈtʃɪpsɛt/


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    chipset masculine
    conjunto de chips masculine
    • Dell is concerned that an instability within the chipset can cause the system to crash under heavy graphics load.
    • The chipset and motherboard are designed by Bechtolsheim's skunkworks team.
    • Overall, we'll check out how well these chipsets would perform in a home computer.
    • Unit pricing for complete chipsets will begin at $30 in sample quantities.
    • All these facts mean that we will see more new chipsets with integrated graphics in the near future.
    • The builders are wondering whether any systems incorporating the chipset will fall between two price points.
    • The CD player chipsets support three-beam pick-up head models from eight leading manufacturers.
    • These let the device work with baseband chipsets without demanding special hardware signal processing algorithms.
    • New chipsets will also enable the cost for separates to fall.
    • The current generation of chipsets and motherboards are tapped out as far as memory bandwidth goes.
    • Save for a couple of annoying cases, the integrated chipsets rendered the scene well enough.
    • Modern motherboard chipsets will boot from a CD-ROM more easily than a floppy diskette.
    • This involved the more lucrative - in the short term, at least - option of manufacturing chipsets.
    • Both chipsets feature integrated video as well as stand-alone AGP slots.
    • It took years before new games used features offered by the latest graphic chipsets.
    • This should make for better performance than competing chipsets which put each pair of installed modules on the same bus.
    • It's unlikely that the CPU or the motherboard chipset will be the bottleneck in either case.
    • The advanced properties will open and you should see a tab at the top listing the chipset of your video card.
    • Anderson bet me that in five years time, there will be more 802.11 chipsets then there will be mobile phone chipsets.
    • Both chipsets are actually single chip designs that lower latency and reduce system cost.