Translation of chirpy in Spanish:


alegre, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃərpi/ /ˈtʃəːpi/

adjective chirpier, chirpiest

  • 1

    • I want you to think for a moment about the liveliest, most chirpy person you know.
    • But Vera's chirpy cheerfulness cannot disguise the seriousness of her vocation.
    • As soon as I saw the title of this film, I thought of the Everley Brothers' cheerful, chirpy number.
    • Twenty minutes later I saw him looking all spruced up, chirpy and chipper sporting a gold earring in front of me at the Sainsbury check-out.
    • Thus, on the one hand, I'm a chirpy optimist, blessed with an uncommon degree of good fortune, who can never quite believe his luck.
    • The little ones awoke with the birds bright and chirpy.
    • He spots the vans outside full of 12 happy, chirpy elderly ladies who are getting ready to take a trip around town.
    • Michelle arrives home slightly hung-over from the night before but still characteristically bright and chirpy.
    • He has, not least, his own extraordinary personal resilience, his chirpy self-belief and optimism.
    • The heroine is Trisha - and expected to look chirpy and radiant, she fills the bill.
    • He's always smiling, always acting the fool and being chirpy and happy.
    • The normally chipper, chirpy Minister of Finance, who gets a bit lippy in the Chamber, did not have an answer to that one.
    • The chirpy nurse smiled as she pulled Shacago's arm out from under the sheets.
    • A little while after my sulking, Darren comes into my room, all ecstatic and chirpy.
    • Wednesday dawned with me jumping out of bed bright and chirpy.
    • When they pulled away, Roxanne was back to her usual chirpy self and smiling broadly.
    • The truth is that beneath the chirpy, seemingly carefree exterior lies a steely determination to succeed.
    • Ironically, in contrast, beaten Lee Walker was chirpy, smiley and full of beans.
    • This is not the case for the script alone, chipper and chirpy though it is.
    • Before Caelyn even had time to roll her eyes, Lalitha came up to them with a chirpy smile.