Translation of chitchat in Spanish:


cháchara, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃɪtˌtʃæt/ /ˈtʃɪttʃat/


  • 1

    cháchara feminine informal
    palique masculine Spain informal
    • Nothing much came of their conversation, just common chit-chat.
    • Their dinner party chit-chat concerned the humdrum topic of house prices.
    • During the break, Ms Flynn was left to awkwardly sit down beside the Taoiseach and exchange small talk - chit-chat, you might say.
    • Dinner passed with idle chit-chat and no outbreaks of frustration from either Tara or Gareth.
    • The obvious danger inherent in this procedure is causing the dinner table chit-chat.
    • Just navigating the many clichés that often pop up and turn the conversation into a sludge of polite chit-chat and stock answers can be a pain.
    • Lee, never one who can resist a couple of minutes of chit-chat, stopped for small talk and Marcus didn't notice Danielle until she came to stand beside him.
    • This social climate offers everything from casual chit-chat and goofing around to very intimate, meaningful conversation (and, of course, cybersex).
    • Melissa and her friends try to distract her from this by means of chit-chat and gossip, and there is already plenty of the latter.
    • Laughter filled the streets along with frequent chit-chat and bargains being made every few seconds.
    • I still didn't know what her game was but, if I was interpreting her signals right, this could turn into something more than idle chit-chat; it could turn into full contact chit-chat.
    • At least one of our readers would prefer that The Sports Reporter and I dispense with the pre-review chit-chat and get down to the nitty-gritty when we write about our tandem dining-out experiences.
    • Unusual but delightful, the Olympic-themed evening featured a mixture of music, comedy and delicious chit-chat from the two friendly and extremely talented BBCs - or British-born Cypriots.
    • In order to support her family, Annie uses her psychic powers to offer the people in her town ‘readings’ - sometimes this leads to friendly chit-chat, other times it leads to trouble.
    • I don't know exactly what's in it for them, other than a break from routine, but I admire their ability to make polite chit-chat - well, it's more of a shout-chat - with strangers.
    • I presume it was the acoustic mix of ‘Insania’, but I didn't hang around to find out, preferring instead to loiter about the deserted cafe and eavesdrop on the celebrity chit-chat.
    • The result is an evening packed with song and dance, recitation and good old fashioned chit-chat which draws a faithful throng, despite the weather and in spite of rapidly developing world events.
    • And good for him for getting an interview with the minister father who refused to talk that day, other than receiving line chit-chat, saying it was a day of worship.
    • Still, I carried on, unaware, with friendly chit-chat.
    • This time around, the question line has been a bit more adult: instead of chit-chat about travel and hobbies, she has been talking about Maoritanga, love and land.