Translation of chokey in Spanish:


chirona, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃoʊki/ /ˈtʃəʊki/

nounplural chokeys, plural chokies

  • 1dated, informal

    chirona feminine informal
    cana feminine South America slang
    trullo masculine Spain informal
    bote masculine Mexico, Venezuela informal
    gayola feminine River Plate slang
    porotera feminine Chile slang
    guandoca feminine Colombia informal
    • Which then implies my guilt and before I could say ‘GrocerJack Robinson’, I'm doing a hefty old stretch in the chokey at the pleasure of Her Maj!
    • He packed off the burglar for a lengthy spell in the chokey, and settled down for his third trial of the day.
    • Herr Pfannenstiel served three-and-a-half months in the chokey recently for match-fixing in the local S-League.
    • If not, he warned, the perpetrator could face years in chokey or even the death penalty.
    • And as the latter carried a heavier alternative jail sentence, she warned Ms Kane that she faced more than one night in chokey when she returns for sentence next week.
  • 2informal

    he got three months' chokey le dieron tres meses de chirona informal