Translation of choo-choo in Spanish:


chucu-chu(cu), n.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃuˌtʃu/ /ˈtʃuːtʃuː/


child language
  • 1

    chucu-chu(cu) masculine child language
    • And there's always the smell of apples, just like in the country when I was little and used to think I was a choo-choo train, running through the fields of corn and chugging up the hill to the orchard.
    • Come on ride the train; it's the choo-choo train!
    • The grandfather was dressed as a choo-choo train bound for Wonderland.
    • The choo-choo train said, ‘I think I can… I think I can… I think I can.’
    • Ever since I was a small child I wanted to be an astronaut, or a cowboy, or a choo-choo train.
    • I didn't have all those colored puppets and magic choo-choos and whatnot.
    • But, forget that, for certainly we create our own realities, and a delighted Richard is all-aboard the fabulous coronation choo-choo train.
    • Slower choo-choos are less apt to succumb to heat kinks; after a 1998 accident in Texas, Union Pacific Railroad mandated that trains not exceed 10 mph through areas with known or suspected kinks.
    • My wife didn't have a watch; it was Halloween night at the Mall, they rode on the choo-choo, were you worried?
    • Emma's classes have stomped on imaginary snow monsters, jumped like bunnies, and learned to follow like choo-choo trains.
    • He said it the way it was written, cheff, like cheese, chicken and choo-choo train.
    • Brian likes to play with the jigsaws and the choo-choo at school.
    • The programme would not be complete without a talk with veteran broadcaster Merv Smith, who has had a lifetime love affair with the choo-choos.
    • Lancashire Railways is the first Wallace train game I played and it was obvious from the start that the man has an affinity for the choo-choos.
    • Because he loves trains and he's my dad, and hey, how often does a girl get to spend some quality time with her old man and treat him to five-star trip on the choo-choo of his dreams?
    • And then as you go along, that little choo-choo starts adding things.
    • The atmosphere is dense with honest collections: jukeboxes, table-top telephones, and a choo-choo train with tracks running round the ceiling.
    • Now, if I'm being absolutely honest with myself, I do not wake up every morning feeling ‘like the little choo-choo train who knows he can do it’, like Leil says I should.
    • What's more no-one seems to know what it all means anymore - the choo-choo, the Virgin, the fireworks - it's just a tradition and that's good enough.
    • I like to explain that a haemoglobin molecule is like a choo-choo train with four empty carriages.