Translation of chook in Spanish:


pollo, n.

Pronunciation /tʃʊk/


Australian, New Zealand
  • 1

    pollo masculine
    • Eight countries have now confirmed its presence among chicken populations, tens of millions of chooks have been killed or have died and at least eight people have died due to bird flu.
    • Having more land of their own would also enable the Heuvels to experiment with different types of feed crops for their chooks, as the Kiwis say.
    • Working-class immigrants, imbued with the dream of three acres and a cow, settled for a quarter-acre suburban block and a pen of chooks.
    • In fact, there were more than 20 species of moa varying in size from that of a chook through to three metres tall.
    • Russell also kept free range chooks, ducks and geese, most but not all of whom became quite adept at avoiding the local dogs.