Translation of choosy in Spanish:


exigente, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃuzi/ /ˈtʃuːzi/

adjective choosier, choosiest

  • 1

    difícil de contentar
    choosy about sth exigente en cuanto a algo
    • He has 23 years of experience in satisfying hungry customers, some of whom were very choosy about what went into their stomach.
    • She preferred white meat and warm buttered rolls, but she wasn't choosy.
    • Is he just doing it because he figures at his age, he can't be choosy?
    • Being too choosy to find a proper suitor for herself, Emma ignores her own romantic desires and endeavors to find a match for her friend.
    • Buyers are quite choosy and expect something new all the time, whether it is mobile phone ring tones or data cables for a digital diary.
    • Banks are getting choosy over deposits, discouraging big deposits, particularly from corporates.
    • One can't be choosy when one has been unemployed for five years.
    • According to Christopher McKee, the Navy enjoyed a better public image than the Army during the last century and could be choosy in the young men it recruited.
    • He is one of our greatest actors but has always been very choosy.
    • Analysts say it means consumers can be more choosy, looking for the best deals and that's going to cost the cell phone carriers.
    • He will be choosy - more so now his own money and reputation is on the block, but also because he wants to use his time and experience to maximum effect.
    • People have to be very careful about what they buy: real estate's fine but you've just got to be very choosy.
    • Even the poorest of the poor, when given a choice, can be choosy about brands.
    • When those factors are combined with much wider experience in overseas travel, people thinking about buying abroad are much more choosy nowadays.
    • Females are typically more choosy than males when selecting a mate from the pool of available partners.
    • This young actress plans to be choosy about the director, her co-stars and the script before she signs the dotted line.
    • I admit I am very choosy when it comes to making friends - always preferring quality over quantity.
    • Most of children in rural areas are not very choosy about food and eat few between-meal snacks.
    • He had wanted to work with a bigger equities platform but was choosy about which American house to join, sharing some of his former boss's views but not his prejudices.
    • Second, since employers will be unable to fire someone, they are very choosy about whom they hire.