Translation of chopping block in Spanish:

chopping block

tajo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃɑpɪŋ ˌblɑk/


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    (for logs) tajo masculine
    (for meat) tabla de carnicero feminine
    (for meat) tajo masculine
    • Here, there were no rules to follow, no orders to carry out, just the simple feel of an ax in his hand, striking hard against the chopping block.
    • Luke looked up and seeing Marie, lodged the axe in the chopping block and went to her.
    • I dumped a load of chopped wood on the pile and returned to the chopping block.
    • Hagstock is local dialect for a wooden chopping block for cutting firewood on.
    • With a resounding thud, Hoss set the block of seasoned cedar up on the big chopping block.
    • The Circus Tavern is a two-room establishment with a bar the size of a butcher's chopping block.
    • All you really need is a couple of pans, a frying pan, a roasting tray, a couple of chopping blocks and a few decent knives.
    • Most fascinating was Radja's knife technique - she sliced everything in her hand, not on a chopping block.
    • Here's an easy way to peel the parchment skin from garlic: Place the clove on a chopping block and slice off the root end.
    • To cut wood, use the contact method taught by the Boy Scouts: lay the edge of the hatchet or ax on the end of the wood, parallel to the grain, then strike them against your chopping block.
    • As one juror remarked, this space, with its stone walls, beamed ceiling, and antique maple chopping block, brings a South American estancia to mind.
    • To complete the look add a solid beech chopping block and a new ceramic sink.
    • Before a term begins, new towels replace old ones and the outer layer of a chopping block is planed down.
    • This look was mirrored by the checkerboard effect of the chopping block, built into the Pierta Condosa countertop.
    • This leaves the chopping block as his best seating option even though it is a little lower and thus less comfortable than a proper chair.
    • Brian laughed, put the can away, then carried on scrubbing and hosing down his chopping block.
    • You can add specialized covers and ledges for other tasks (such as a chopping block that fits over one side).
    • The island is topped with a chopping block, making it suitable for meal prep or as a dining surface for informal meals.
    • There was a fire pit and a chopping block a little ways from the tent.
    • For the island top, I ordered a 3 by 5-foot chopping block of sustainably harvested Oregon madrone from a supply store in Portland.