Translation of choppy in Spanish:


picado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃɑpi/ /ˈtʃɒpi/

adjective choppier, choppiest

  • 1

    (sea) picado
    • Added to that, there's not much in the way of waves, either, which is just as well, as the last thing you need when you're trying to balance on a narrow board is a choppy sea.
    • I was interested in the geese feeding at the edge of a very choppy River Aire.
    • The fishing is divided into Upper, Middle and Lower beats and offers a mixture of falls, deep holding pools and choppy fly-fishing streams.
    • Ahead of us, all I could see was a wide horizon with no end to the choppy seas.
    • Modak said that a small quantity of the ship's oil had leaked but had been broken up and taken out to sea by yesterday's choppy swells.
    • Vu again shot away from the start, rowing more comfortably than his heavier rivals in the choppy water.
    • It doesn't look like it's too choppy right now, the waves don't look very big.
    • The bad weather and choppy waves meant the ice was breaking up; the piece of ice they were on had broken away from the main body.
    • The ride toward a fully connected community has been as choppy as Lake Michigan on a windy fall day.
    • He joked about his unexpected arrival by car after choppy seas prevented a sea-borne landing.
    • I'm sitting behind Tommy and five other former whalers in a whale observation tent high above the choppy seas of Cook Strait.
    • On our first morning in Havana, the ocean was still choppy from a storm the night before.
    • He was still staring impassively out over the choppy, angry waters of Blackwood Lake.
    • The young actress was one of several crew members who found the choppy seas of the Caribbean a little unsettling.
    • There aren't too many women who would brave the choppy waters of Lough Arrow and catch some of its famous trout.
    • A stubborn current began to muscle against the raft as 5-foot waves peeled off choppy waters.
    • The rough crossing in the cold and choppy waters from the U.K. to the shores of North America took 10 days.
    • If you imagine the ground as the surface of a sea, these waves range from ripples to choppy whitecaps to long, slow swells.
    • Our teacher was using the ocean as a simile for the mind: the ocean was rough and choppy on the surface, she said, but silent and still at its vast depths.
    • Search vessels and helicopters continued scouring the choppy seas despite fading hopes of finding the nine still missing from the boat.
  • 2

    • Their sensitive blips-and-bleeps, combined with choppy beats, gave them a texture similar to the Scottish duo, ‘Boards of Canada.’
    • Her notes were bouncy and choppy and her audience was pressed for breath.
    • Certainly, the choppy English should not reflect poorly on the quality of the information presented.
    • The story is divided into five parts that makes the writing choppy, uneven and confusing.
    • Our other issue with the preview version of the game was the choppy frame rate and uneven sense of speed.