Translation of choral society in Spanish:

choral society

coral, n.


  • 1

    coral feminine
    orfeón masculine
    • The Preludes date from 1940, when Villa-Lobos was busy founding choral societies and a conservatory of music in Brazil.
    • Its neglect by our choral societies is simply incomprehensible.
    • He and his wife were members of a Paris choral society.
    • The CD is filled out generously with more of Rutter's choral work; the Clare Benediction is another favorite of amateur choral societies.
    • He was in his element associated with a publisher whose catalogue had always provided in some variety for choral societies, churches, and for the needs of young people.
    • It is so often the case that choral concerts tend to be rather bitty, a less than carefully thought out selection of items from a choral society's current repertoire.
    • This will allow as many children as possible to enjoy the unique experience of sharing a concert platform with a full symphony orchestra and an adult choral society.
    • He said there was a theatre, an arts and music festival and a choral society.
    • This is a place with a tremendous musical tradition: regular seasons by the Halle Orchestra, birthplace of Delius, home of choral societies and leading brass bands.
    • He was averse to publishing these conducting versions, though he had, again at his expense, engraved orchestral and chorus parts for several of the works since used by choral societies.
    • He founded choral societies and in 1844 presided over music for the consecration of the York Street Synagogue.
    • The wealth and growth of the gold rushes brought improvement: visits by star performers, the building of music halls, and the foundation of British choral societies.
    • The perfect antidote, you could say, for the countless dreary renditions by warbling old choral societies and non-rehearsed scratch performances, which we always seem to get subjected to about this time each year.
    • I would imagine there are not many villages around today that can boast a quality choral society, highly entertaining theatre group - and a brass band.
    • This concert was a fine reminder of the strength of amateur choral singing in England and a good example of what can be achieved by local choral societies given dedication and hard work by all concerned.
    • This may not be one of Chopin's most representative works, but those choral societies who have been courageous enough to tackle it have found the challenge extremely worthwhile.
    • Sir Thomas milks every ounce of emotion from the soloists, his own choral society and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, driving them to dazzling heights of sonorous brilliance.
    • Is it any surprise then that in the first few years after the founding of Melbourne, there were several attempts to organise a choral society such as the early settlers left behind in England.
    • His many masterpieces are part of the standard repertory for symphony orchestras, pianists, singers, choral societies, vocal ensembles, chamber ensembles, and the solo instruments he favoured: piano, violin, cello, and clarinet.
    • Many people sang in school or church choirs or in choral societies.