Translation of chorister in Spanish:


corista, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɔrəstər/ /ˈkɑrəstər/ /ˈkɒrɪstə/


  • 1

    niño que canta en un coro de iglesia
    corista masculine, feminine
    • Even the police could be seen tapping their feet along to Gareth's unmistakable voice, which developed from his years as a chorister in Bradford Cathedral choir.
    • Bach would have known the members of his audience quite as well as he knew his choristers and instrumental players.
    • The son of an Irish bandmaster, Sullivan entered the Chapel Royal as a chorister in 1854 and had a sacred song published by Novello in 1855.
    • Having been an amateur chorister for many years, I've had the opportunity to experience many of Rutter's arrangements and original works first-hand.
    • The procession will be accompanied by a full symphony orchestra and 800 choristers with military, brass and steel bands.
    • His father was a vicar-choral at St Davids, but by 1596 the young Thomas was master of the choristers at Worcester Cathedral.
    • At age 8, he joined a boy choir and became the head chorister within three years.
    • Born on 7 October 1770 in Trostberg, he started his musical career as a boy chorister at the Benedict monastery of Seeon where he had occasion to see Mozart play the church organ.
    • Joining three other budding stars in September, she will train with the pioneering cathedral choir, which formed in 1991 as the first liturgical ensemble for girl choristers.
    • The Choir will be accepting new members, and all interested choristers are encouraged to apply.
    • Similarly, there are fewer than forty choristers in La Chapelle de Québec, and their young, penetrating sound takes Mozart's Requiem off its pedestal and gives it dramatic immediacy.
    • As an introduction to Handel's work for the newcomer, this is a highly welcome release: the King's Consort under Robert King sing strongly throughout, with much fine musical colouring from soloists and choristers.
    • The 150-strong choir is made up of choristers from parish choirs from throughout the diocese.
    • I was fortunate enough to have been introduced to it as a chorister in Coventry Cathedral, some long time ago, and it has remained emblazoned on my musical memory ever since.
    • He probably knew Charles from the days he was organising Royalist troops from Exeter Cathedral, where young Matthew was a chorister.
    • The ‘Cathedral Choir’ where Samuel Sebastian had been brought up was at the Chapel Royal at St James's Palace, where he had been a chorister from the age of seven.
    • A mass choir of 60 choristers from Giggleswick School, which Mr Whiteley attended from the age of 13, also performed.
    • The first programme in the series sees Kaddy going behind the scenes at Canterbury Cathedral to find out what it takes to become a chorister in their world-famous choir.
    • Ronan Dunne began his musical training as a boy chorister with the Palestrina Choir at the Pro Cathedral, Dublin.
    • Using boy choristers from the present together with previous choir members such as James Bowman and James Gilchrist gives a completeness to this recording.