Translation of chorus girl in Spanish:

chorus girl

corista, n.


  • 1

    corista feminine
    • Hart dreams of dancing and singing her way to become a big-time chorus girl and, with the help of Flynn's manipulation and her own cunning, she has her estranged husband and the media singing her praises.
    • She just quit her job as a chorus girl on Broadway.
    • Webb entered show business in 1932 as a chorus girl.
    • Don't tell me the odd player didn't take advantage afterwards of an impressionable chorus girl.
    • It follows the romance between a movie star and the chorus girl recruited to replace his inept leading lady.
    • She began her career as a chorus girl in an African-American revue in Philadelphia and also appeared at the Cotton Club in Harlem.
    • Born in 1939 to a chorus girl and a music-hall comedian, he learned his craft making TV commercials in the mid-60s before seeing a window of opportunity.
    • She comes to Paris as a chorus girl at a Follies club, eager to escape the emotional restraint of English life and to possibly find a berth on a ship going west.
    • To prove that he can teach anyone to be good enough to replace her, he picks a chorus girl to be his next partner.
    • At 15, she was a chorus girl dancing with her godfather, Bill ‘Bojangles’ Robinson.
    • Frank Sinatra is in fine form in this musical about a roguish nightclub owner who gets involved in a love triangle with a society hostess and a chorus girl.
    • Starting as a nightclub chorus girl, she advanced to supporting roles in New York plays, and then became famous as a blonde Hollywood sexpot.
    • Born to a starving English artist and a French chorus girl, Becky is orphaned and learns to rely on wits and feminine guile, sharpened at Miss Pinkerton's academy.
    • He travelled to Italy, suffered during and after his return journey from serious illness and depression, and continued an affair with Caroline Richter, a chorus girl at the National Theatre in Berlin.
    • One of the brighter moments of the movie, though, comes when we discover that the elder Mrs. Winterbourne once was a chorus girl and really comes from the same gum-snapping blue collar background as Connie Doyle.
    • He remained married and close to his family but despite a narrow streak of puritanism in his make-up, lived openly for years with his mistress, a chorus girl and minor actress, less than half his age.
    • Velma Kelly - the part for which she won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar - was a chorus girl desperate for fame who had clawed her way to stardom using any trick she could, including her voluptuous sexuality.
    • But community groups argue that the 65-year-old landmark, which once employed screen siren Yvonne De Carlo as a chorus girl, is in a perfect location and that other possible sites would displace residents.
    • Made into an award winning film, this musical tells the entertaining tale of Roxie Hart, a chorus girl who kills her lover and then steals the heart of the media in a sensational murder trial.
    • But, although Doyle attempts to frame the evening in a theatrical way with the idea of the composer dreaming of the eternal chorus girl through the five ages of woman, the evening never has real dramatic impact.