Translation of chow in Spanish:


comida, n.

Pronunciation /tʃaʊ/


  • 1slang

    comida feminine
    manduca feminine Spain informal
    lata feminine Colombia informal
    morfi masculine Southern Cone slang
    morfe masculine Southern Cone slang
    • Here was the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, in a combat zone on Thanksgiving day, serving chow to his soldiers.
    • It was midday local time, hundreds of troops were tucking into well-earned chow.
    • The Triple Rock Social Club has been serving up booze and chow on the West Bank since 1998.
    • I fired up my backpacker's stove and cooked up my version of hobo chow with rice and kidney beans.
    • The mandrills are provisioned twice a day with locally available fruit and monkey chow.
    • After the 10 days, the rats were given a sugary, chocolate-flavoured snack as well as regular rat chow.
    • Mice fed a control diet consisting of mouse chow and no additional supplementation experienced irreversible platelet damage and premature death.
    • Surprisingly, the results of our study indicated that the animals nourished with standard rat chow had better results than the group supplemented with fibre and arginine.
    • We maintained the animals on an ad libitum diet of commercial chow and water.
    • But because retort pouch technology makes it easier to cook the food in the field, and the MRE style chow tastes better than anything in cans, the retort pouch MRE is taking over.
    • The food was a mixture of commercial tropical fish food, commercial guinea pig chow, freeze-dried tubifex worms, finely sifted silt, and puppy vitamins.
    • Against a bright, cheery backdrop, choose from more than a dozen variations of this Chicano chow, most of which are presented four to a plate, open-faced on soft corn or flour tortillas.
    • The new soldier's chow was invented by the Combat Feeding Directorate, part of the US Army Soldier Systems Centre in Natick, Massachusetts.
    • It's an urgent delivery because they're running low on chow, and for the past few weeks, they've been on reduced rations.
    • We grabbed some chow then had a much deserved nap.
    • It was so pleasant I think I may take a page from Lisa's family dinner and invite friends for chow next time.
    • One approach to camping chow is to purchase pre-packaged, dehydrated meals.
    • Furtive peanut oil can also pop up in unexpected places, like egg rolls, bird feed and animal chow.
    • A proper menu is forthcoming, but there's always a small selection of chow to be had.
    • I shoveled in that chow like a truck driver and topped it off with a cup of black coffee strong enough to go out and plow the back forty on its own.
  • 2

    chow (chow) chow-chow