Translation of Christian in Spanish:


cristiano, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkrɪstʃən/ /ˈkrɪstʃ(ə)n/ /ˈkrɪstɪən/


  • 1

    cristiano masculine
    cristiana feminine


  • 1

    • Now we may see the great Christian doctrine that in Christ God somehow or other acted to save the world.
    • Be patient and pray earnestly and faithfully for your Christian brother or sister.
    • Ultimately for him, all social planning had to be evaluated in the light of the Christian gospel.
    • He was one of the founders of the Christian Coptic Orthodox church in Solihull, Birmingham.
    • This has implications for all sorts of areas of Christian life, including evangelism.
    • The art and nature of personal evangelism were considered, showing it to be a Christian duty.
    • Tragically, this decline can be seen throughout the professing Christian church.
    • They rejected Reformed teaching and preached a form of Christian perfectionism.
    • It promotes Christian morality and teaching, and encourages the development of leadership.
    • As a minister of the church he is bound to preach on the basis of Christian teaching.
    • The main point is that Christian disciples knew they were bound together in a family.
    • The churches are full of young Christian men who cannot find Christian wives.
    • At Christmas they celebrate Christian activities such as Nativity plays and carol singing.
    • In many otherwise fine reformed churches there is just no Christian literature on view.
    • The bodily resurrection of Christ is a cardinal doctrine of the Christian faith.
    • The sinlessness of Christ is an indispensable doctrine of the Christian faith and lying is sin.
    • How may the teaching both of Jesus and of the evangelists be related to Christian theology today?
    • There is no greater need here than for dedicated Christian leaders trained by an Evangelical institution.
    • In every Christian church you can find a handful of true Christians who are serving God.
    • At the Council of Jerusalem, the whole future of the Christian church was at stake.
  • 2British dated

    • By this stage Scriven had settled in a part of Ontario and was known for his acts of Christian kindness.
    • He was a very fine young man with a great sense of fairness and Christian compassion.
    • Christian honesty demands that we allow each tradition to tell its own story - the denominational differences are great enough without creating false differences through caricature.
    • Others say children in care should always have been given priority by church schools on grounds of Christian fairness.
    • But Christian honesty majors on being honest with the ones who really count: God and yourself.