Translation of Christmas in Spanish:


Navidad, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkrɪsməs/


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    Navidad feminine
    Pascua feminine Chile, Peru
    I saw her at Christmas la vi en / para Navidad
    • we spent Christmas in Rome pasamos la Navidad / las Navidades en Roma
    • merry or (British also) happy Christmas! ¡Feliz Navidad!
    • Christmas dinner comida de Navidad
    • Christmas party celebración navideña
    • Christmas present regalo de Navidad
    • Christmas gift regalo de Navidad
    • Christmas time la(s) Navidad(es)
    • On hearing about financial problems striking firemen may face this Christmas, a boy persuaded his mum to buy some gifts for their children.
    • He was also thinking about all those Christmases the soldiers had spent away from their families.
    • McDonald said that very generally, he wanted to appeal to women on nights out to take particular care this Christmas.
    • It may be a bit early for decking the halls, but Canvey councillors are poised to ensure the island twinkles as brightly as anywhere else this Christmas.
    • Record-breaking numbers of holidaymakers are expected to head for the sun and slopes from Stansted Airport this Christmas.
    • Pennypinching local businesses have been blamed for a festive blackout which will leave Ongar High Street in the dark this Christmas.
    • The station commander said it was designed to be a light-hearted reminder to motorists to drive safely this Christmas.
    • Things to do this Christmas: Go to the Greenwich Union, and spend an afternoon enjoying the lovely Beechwood Smoked Beer.
    • A warm welcome home is extended to all visitors to our community who have travelled from near and far to be with loved ones this Christmas.
    • He doesn't know if he will see his children this Christmas.
    • The boxes are now on their way to needy children in other parts of the world where they will bring joy and happiness to many this Christmas.
    • It is commendable, therefore, that the Trades Union Congress is collecting and distributing toys to refugee children this Christmas.
    • Toys that were must-haves for children back in the 1980s are set to enchant a new generation this Christmas.
    • ‘This has been one of the worst Christmases for the retail trade for many years,’ says Geoff.
    • Even if it's too late for this Christmas, how about a New Year resolution to do at least 20 minutes' exercise three times a week?
    • Restaurants in the district are being urged to help the homeless this Christmas - by asking customers to add a donation to their bills.
    • If you fancy lighting up the trees in your garden this Christmas, you don't have to go to the trouble of stringing a set of lights carefully round each branch.
    • The public was urged to be vigilant when out and about this Christmas, especially if people saw suspicious packages, objects or vehicles.
    • If you want to remember a lost loved one in your thoughts this Christmas, sponsor a light for them and raise money for St Raphael's hospice.