Translation of Christmas box in Spanish:

Christmas box

aguinaldo, n.

See Spanish definition of aguinaldo


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    (propina que se da en Navidad a los proveedores, los recolectores de residuos etc) aguinaldo masculine
    • In what the Herald described as ‘Lord Hothfield's Christmas box to the town ’, the owner of Skipton Castle, agreed to allow land behind the town hall to be used for a cattle market.
    • I give the postman and the window cleaner a Christmas box, and occasionally put some money in it too.
    • Lower down, bonuses are more likely to be double the salary - but with many people earning six-figure salaries in this business, that should have made a very nice Christmas box.
    • The employees have been told of the decision and have been urged not to go around demanding Christmas boxes from residents.
    • Those who don't give them their Christmas box could be in for a nasty shock… or not as the case maybe
    • At Christmas we leave a note on the front door asking the postman to call at the back door for his Christmas box.
    • So how about the bin men knocking at the door every Christmas for their Christmas box?
    • People who are being harassed for Christmas boxes have been asked to report such incidents to the Pikitup call centre.
    • But they aren't happy about shelling out for Christmas boxes, and they're rather worried about crime.