Translation of Christmas stocking in Spanish:

Christmas stocking


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    media o calcetín en que se colocan los regalos de Navidad
    • Three quarters of Irish men are hoping to find their Christmas stocking filled with a CD, DVD or video and electronic goods such as TVs, video players or DVD players.
    • It's definitely one for the Christmas stocking.
    • Oranges were once the staple of Christmas stockings.
    • Clothes and music are two things I'd like to see in my Christmas stocking.
    • However, mobile phones are landing in the Christmas stockings of younger and younger children.
    • The range includes favourites such as Santa Claus tree hangings, smiling snowmen and bright berry wreaths, as well as decorative velvet tree skirts and ornate beaded velvet Christmas stockings.
    • Under a toy reindeer was a shiny pillow shaped like a Christmas stocking.
    • But I wasn't about to stuff gift certificates into Christmas stockings.
    • When we were kids, my Aunt Joan knitted Christmas stockings for everybody in the family.
    • Unruly children have traditionally been threatened with coal instead of presents in their Christmas stockings.
    • Our Christmas stockings and star-shaped pillows, made from rayon velvet, are embossed with leaves and geometric shapes.
    • She spent many hours knitting toys and other beautiful novelties for any children she knew, and one of her many specialities was knitting beautiful Christmas stockings and Santas.
    • All types of craft will be on display from Christmas stockings and cards to woodturning and jewellery.
    • An updated version was released last year and a third version will hit the shops next month, just in time to fill those Christmas stockings.
    • The hard-working crewmembers of the International Space Station are so confident they're in Santa's good graces; they're showing off their Christmas stockings to the world.
    • On the floor, Linus dashed after his bouncy new chew toy and Caesar savaged a very wily new catnip mouse, but up on the bed, Rowena and Sammy went through their Christmas stockings and opened their gifts.
    • Everything from artificial trees, Christmas stockings, angels, and ornaments adorning homes in the US, Europe and elsewhere are more likely to come from China than any other country.
    • It's the darkest time of the year and the opportunist thief is probably out and about looking to fill his Christmas stocking just as you are.
    • One said: ‘I'm wondering whether to get it for my Christmas stocking next year or just to wait until it goes into Bargain Books.’
    • Plett also sells other home-crafted items such as Christmas stockings and beeswax candles, and this year will offer cards and books.