Translation of chromium in Spanish:


cromo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkroʊmiəm/ /ˈkrəʊmɪəm/


  • 1

    cromo masculine
    chromium plating cromado
    • The metal can be, for example, titanium, tantalum, chromium, aluminium or tungsten.
    • However, nickel alloys containing chromium, titanium and aluminum will form a thin oxide film.
    • The most common of the special elements added to cast iron are nickel, chromium, copper and molybdenum.
    • Metal oxides such as chromium, iron, copper, or manganese, are used to colour glass, and the shades range from a light green to deep blue to topaz yellow.
    • Common alloys used for this purpose include molybdenum and chromium in addition to manganese and carbon.