Translation of chub in Spanish:


cacho, n.

Pronunciation /tʃəb/ /tʃʌb/

nounplural chub, plural chubs

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    cacho masculine
    • Nine thousand young stickleback, roach, dace, chub and eels died along an 11 km stretch of the beck.
    • At the close he had taken 36 lb 8oz of small carp, ide, orfe, chub and skimmers.
    • In the Great Lakes region, alewives, smelt, sculpin and chubs make up a large portion of the lake trout diet.
    • The fish might be bigger down South, but a chub is a chub, whatever the river.
    • There are also chub, ide, rudd, grass carp, cat fish, tench and specimen carp on site in the various waters.
    • For bluehead chubs and creek chubs we tested the hypotheses that probability of movement varied with size and growth using probit regression (Sokal and Rohlf 1981; 0 = stay, 1 = move), pooling data over all months.
    • Finally, we analyzed the spatial spread of bluehead chubs and creek chubs through time.
    • Of these, bluehead chubs and creek chubs were the two most abundant species in the creek.
    • Several other attempts with various paste baits that had all worked well for river chub all failed as carp took the bait in every case.
    • Fish of this size have been caught by anglers targeting the chub and also by anglers fishing for the sea trout.
    • ‘We want to see if we can reduce the non-native trout population through fishing, and if so, how that changes populations of humpback chubs and other native fish in the river,’ Gloss said.
    • Golden eye or yellowtail grunts, chubs or scads would move unhurriedly across, changing direction with uncanny synchronisation.
    • The average size of the chub and dace is fairly small in the Darwen itself, but there are plenty of them.
    • Other species caught included a handful of pike up to about five pounds in weight and a single chub, plus minnows and bullheads too numerous to count.
    • The field data for bluehead chubs suggest four prominent features of fish movement.
    • The asp is also a much more aggressive fish than the chub.
    • Most species of river fish will be surveyed including trout, grayling, dace, barbel, chub and pike.
    • After a long dry spring spawning was completed early by most river fish and bream, barbel and chub should all be fighting fit.
    • The Butterfly Pond is producing good mixed bags with roach, rudd, chub and perch all being caught.
    • Good chub and barbel being caught from various stretches of the river.