Translation of chucker-out in Spanish:


gorila, n.

Pronunciation /ˌtʃəkərˈaʊt/


  • 1

    (en una discoteca, un club nocturno etc) gorila masculine
    • He hustled R.V. Smethurst off stage rather like a chucker-out in a pub regretfully ejecting an old and respected customer, and starting paging G.G. Simmons.
    • ‘I met him in the Three Crowns tavern,’ one chronicler reported, ‘occupying more space at the bar than the chucker-out should allow.
    • The Norman-looking stevedore named Steve, was known as ‘head of the house’, and was arbiter of disputes and unpaid chucker-out.
    • His past is quite eclectic: from IT expert at Ericsson Sweden to modeling and acting, from chucker-out in England, to Internet Publisher; most of all, the resourceful Salvatore is an organizer and a marketing man.
    • At this moment, several Communists rushed the Nationalist benches and a free fight began, to be ended a half an hour later by the brutal intervention of a dozen lusty sergeants-at-arms, the Chamber's chuckers-out.