Translation of chummy in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈtʃəmi/ /ˈtʃʌmi/

adjective chummier, chummiest

  • 1

    they're very chummy son muy compinches informal
    • a chummy atmosphere un ambiente de camaradería
    • don't get too chummy with your students no les des demasiada confianza a tus alumnos
    • From the outside, it seems a rootless, ephemeral sort of existence, evocative of the chummy, locker-room familiarity that was a hangover from playing days.
    • Although I complied, I wasn't ready to be chummy with the officers.
    • As chatty and chummy as one of his famous monologues, the book celebrates an unusually charmed life in a profession more noted for its high incidence of ego and angst, burnout and heartache.
    • But behind the outwardly chummy relations between the two countries, it has been business as usual for Russian agents, who have continued to spy on their former Cold War foes.
    • Once we get chummy and familiar, we sometimes cease to ask the right questions that would identify new concerns, new objectives, new opportunities.