Translation of chump in Spanish:


tontorrón, n.

Pronunciation /tʃəmp/ /tʃʌmp/


informal, dated
  • 1

    tontorrón masculine informal
    tontorrona feminine informal
    • Just to make sure they knew he meant business the chump fired off a few rounds randomly to scare the shocked onlookers into submission.
    • You really think that these chumps can outdo me?
    • Imagine being the resident sex symbol of the street, and your only prospects are those chumps?
    • This guy appears on BBC news and explains economics to chumps like you and me.
    • There is a fine line between being Churchill and being a chump, and we'll let history decide who you are.
    • Unfortunately, Charlie is an absolute chump who thinks giving asylum-seekers a lift from France is a reasonable way to make a buck.
    • Without luck, even the most prepared, determined and talented athlete threatens to become something for which only boxers have, thus far, coined a phrase: a champ in the gym, a chump in the ring.
    • Sometimes I feel like a chump driving a car, especially in a big city with decent public transport.
    • Being the poor chump who now lives in their former premises, I suspect that this won't be the last I hear of all this.
    • A founding editor who doesn't look around for good ideas to pinch is a chump, and there are familiar elements in both mags.
    • But in the eyes of the media anyway, they are either champs or chumps, depending on their current performance.
    • But as the Times reports today, the silly chumps now realise this might not have been too clever.
    • Some people might say Herman's a chump who deserves whatever ill treatment he gets, but he is clearly the more sympathetic figure in the film.
    • She rounds off her perfect day by signing autographs for complete chumps who feel like they know her.
    • Nowadays, even over-rated chumps are earning close to six figures every single week.
    • It is an unalterable truth of presidential politics that the story line is never fixed and yesterday's chump is often tomorrow's champion.
    • But he made it sound like I'm just some chump who doesn't know how to play.
    • How the hell did this chump ever make it as an actor?
    • This is a bold and dynamic role Kaufman has written for himself: the hero as chump, and chump as hero, hunched miserably over his typewriter.
    • What's remarkable is that I had colleagues that actually characterized this chump as a ‘scientist’.
    • But why do successful people allow voyeurs to poke around their personal lives in the certain knowledge that they will end up looking chumps?