Translation of chunky in Spanish:


fornido, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃəŋki/ /ˈtʃʌŋki/

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adjective chunkier, chunkiest

  • 1

    (person/build) fornido
    (person/build) macizo
    • The guardsman - a shorter, chunky fellow - rose with ill grace and stumped over to the water pump.
    • She saw a short, chunky girl standing at the edge of Andy's yard.
    • He was a short, square, chunky man, with a round face, not handsome, but compact with energy.
    • A short, chunky man in a gray suit walked over to the bar.
    • In the wooded area outside are a multi-coloured children's playground, a blooming greenhouse, rose beds and a sculpture of two chunky figures hugging.
    • I have a thing for chunky guys, too.
    • Now, I don't mind a chunky woman, but it's an issue of proportion.
    • If he had not been such a chunky lad he would have lost his kidney, or ruptured it at the very least.
    • There'll be no shifting him now, and he's quite a chunky lad anyway.
    • John, the chunky bloke, was nice about my shirt too.
    • With deft fingers, she carefully sculpted the whitish-gray mass into a semblance of a man, a fat, chunky man with sagging limbs, but a man nonetheless.
    • ‘They're here to see Asher Downing,’ the officer said to the chunky nurse behind the desk.
    • He is chunky, fair-skinned, animated and given to wry humor.
    • Lilo is also an unconventional Disney heroine - instead of being lanky and pretty, she's chunky and cute.
    • I think he was really chunky as a kid and still has issues about it.
    • At 15, I was chunky, not very attractive and none of my crushes was ever requited.
    • A tall, pretty, chunky woman in her mid-twenties with slightly disheveled hair breezes into the room.
    • I am chunky but not fat, and most of the girls are much prettier than me.
    • He was more chunky than chubby, and wore a denim jacket with denim pants.
    • Alex had naturally blond hair that was almost white, a perfect tan, a short and round frame that made her look chunky in certain outfits, and green eyes.
  • 2

    (marmalade) con trozos grandes de cáscara
    • The salsa is different every single time, from scrambled tomato soup to super-spicy chunky tomato marmalade.
    • I love chunky seafood soup, which was also on offer for €5.50, but in the end, I chose Nimmo's warm salad with port dressing for €9.80.
    • The main course has delights such as chicken puttanesca - chicken dices cooked with bacon, olive, tomato, and bell pepper in a chunky tomato sauce, served with steamed rice.
    • It's cold and tangy, a delicious vegetarian stew of eggplant, chickpeas, and onion in a chunky tomato sauce.
    • Big, hearty, chunky soup with carrots, any other vegetables that are to hand, beans and spicy sausage fits the bill.
    • Transfer the solids into the food processor (or only part if you enjoy chunky soup like I do), and whizz into a purée.
    • I'm now eagerly waiting for the next batch to ripen, so I can start making my own sun-dried tomatoes and chunky tomato sauce.
    • Lunch will be a tin of chunky fruit salad.
    • ‘When he's ready,’ we replied, ladling a chunky soup of potato and salmon into our bowls.
    • Add vegetables and rice or beans and you have a chunky soup that becomes a meal in a pot.
    • If you prefer a chunky soup, simply add cream cheese and sour cream to pot once asparagus is tender.
    • Mushroom-Smothered Chicken: the chunky sauce is over the top in more ways than one.
    • Those cute little ears of pasta work particularly well with a chunky sauce, as they allow little pools to gather in the hollow of their delicate shape.
    • Beat the vanilla seeds into the egg and mix into the dry goods, followed by the butter, working with a wooden spoon until a chunky dough forms.
    • The sauce is chunky and has a sweetness from the lightly blackened tomato skins.
    • We're boosting our profile with a soup so chunky you won't know whether to eat it with a spoon or a fork’.
    • This salsa is very chunky and crammed full of tomatoes.
    • The wait for ribs and sliced pork yielded plates of succulent meat accompanied by chunky homemade potato salad and fried okra.
    • It requires only a large pan, a variety of vegetables, good stock and perhaps a hand-held blender, if you prefer smooth and creamy to thick and chunky.
    • The relish will be thick, creamy, chunky and shocking pink!
    • For 12 bucks, you can get a steak served with a fried egg on top and thick, chunky fries on the side, or an equally good shrimp and veggie brochette for $13.
    • If you're used to thick, chunky chips with salt and vinegar, having mayonnaise on them instead may sound ever so slightly disgusting.
    • It was too warm for the leek and potato soup with warm chunky bread.
    • Go for sweet-tasting neck fillets and simply sauté them in olive oil with onions, garlic and some chunky carrots.
  • 3

    (sweater/knitwear) grueso
    (sweater/knitwear) gordo informal
    • The bracelet was chunky, a silver concoction of thick ropes linked together.
    • I would like a plain, chunky, black plastic bracelet to wear this autumn.
    • Forget the gold charm bracelet and chunky gold necklaces, big does not have to be brash!
    • A shirt with French cuffs, or a fabulous chunky bracelet worn with a clean-lined cardigan will draw your eye away.
    • Go for the thick black stockings and chunky, sky-high shoes.
    • Originally a deluxe sneaker for mad joggers, this model was made with a chunky thick heel for cushioning and was originally known as the Aztec.
    • Made with extra thick glass, this chunky wine goblet is a durable and versatile choice for casual entertaining.
    • The sole need not be chunky with thick treads; a classier, trendier solution is a thin, wedge heel.
    • Nevertheless, wingtips remain an option as long as they aren't too chunky or thick soled.
    • As he approaches, the jewellery catches the light - a gold earring, a gold chain, a chunky silver watch, chunkier silver bracelet (bearing his initials) and a silver ring.
    • I wear lots of chunky gold jewellery - rings on most fingers, heavy bracelets, and thick chains.
    • Anna and Dani were both in red heels and really short black skirts; the skirt was a little too short for Dani and showed her chunky thighs.
    • Get the urban-preppy look by wearing pink with work boots, loose jeans or a chunky belt.
    • She wore tight black jeans ripped at the knees, a tight black shirt, and chunky black combat boots.
    • The men wore shiny suits and chunky pinky rings and reeked of pomade and cologne.
    • The girl wore baggy gray fabric pants with a chunky black studded belt, then a tight black shirt with neon pink stripes.
    • The most adorable pair of black capris, a red-flowered sheer shirt (over a white spaghetti strapped shirt of course) chunky black flip flops.
    • Her mother was wearing a wine red strapless straight gown and a chunky diamond necklace that adorned her neck.
    • She wore chunky glasses and a skirt that looked like her mother had worn it in the fifties.
    • Whitesnake are pumping out of the speakers, and two men dressed in faded jeans and chunky leather belts stand either side of a table eyeing each other up.