Translation of church in Spanish:


iglesia, n.

Pronunciation /tʃərtʃ/ /tʃəːtʃ/


  • 1

    iglesia feminine
    to go to church ir a la iglesia
    • were you at / in church on Sunday? ¿estabas en misa / en la iglesia el domingo?
    • they were married in church se casaron por la Iglesia
    • church hall sala de reuniones de la parroquia
    • church parade
    • a church service un oficio religioso
    • he wants a church wedding quiere casarse por la Iglesia
    • In addition, I was privileged to preach in several other churches in the Manila area.
    • The bells of Catholic and Protestant churches rang out across Germany at noon.
    • Two practices important to Christian worship usually take place in churches.
    • All three churches are listed as buildings of historic or architectural interest.
    • From the top, we can see mosques, churches and synagogues and graveyard after graveyard.
    • The churches and cathedrals built by the Normans tended to use large stones.
    • Many evangelical churches had windows smashed and walls daubed with offensive graffiti.
    • Churchgoers have welcomed a new team rector to Anglican churches in Bacup and Stacksteads.
    • There will be Mass celebrated on this date at 3pm, in the Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Dublin.
    • The Regent Singers will be in concert at Stricklandgate Methodist Church on Friday.
    • There were no attacks on churches or mosques during the period covered by the report.
    • It used to be assumed that the only buildings the Anglo-Saxons made of stone were churches.
    • Early Christian churches had no pulpits other than the ambos where scriptures could be read.
    • Many churches built today combine traditional and modern architectural styles.
    • After leaving Perth he was a priest at the Anglican Church of St Augustine at Bulli in New South Wales.
    • Flagstones from churches and chapels in the South Wales valleys have become a target for thieves.
    • Gothic churches and cathedrals were fundamentally different to Norman buildings.
    • Both services will take place at Melbourne Road Methodist Church in Deane on Sunday.
    • An air ambulance was also called and landed in the grounds of nearby All Saints' Church.
    • The funeral will be held on Wednesday at noon at St Mary's Church, Riddlesden.
  • 2also Church

    (as organization)
    the church la Iglesia
    • the Church of England/Scotland la Iglesia Anglicana/Presbiteriana Escocesa
    • to enter the church hacerse sacerdote (or pastor etc.)