Translation of cigarette in Spanish:


cigarrillo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪɡəˌrɛt/ /ˌsɪɡəˈrɛt/ /sɪɡəˈrɛt/


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    cigarrillo masculine
    cigarette ash ceniza (de cigarrillo)
    • cigarette case cigarrera
    • There is a perception that light smoking or smoking low tar cigarettes is not dangerous.
    • Her voice was low and husky from smoking twenty cigarettes a day in that sexy cigarette holder she always used.
    • What is the best way to stop tobacconists selling cigarettes to children?
    • She picked up a gold cigarette case and pulled free one of the thin cigarettes.
    • I remember the time Pearl and I had a huge argument over her smoking cigarettes.
    • Downstairs will then become no smoking but cigarettes will be still be allowed upstairs.
    • He was told by bar staff to put out the cigarette but continued smoking.
    • Until Bonsack's invention, cigarettes had been rolled by hand by young women.
    • During a severe paper shortage, Bakhtin tore up his own manuscripts to roll cigarettes.
    • Standing in the doorway of the library, rolling a cigarette, is a young woman.
    • Simon stepped out to get a paper from the boot and to smoke a cigarette.
    • Yes, it's smelly, dirty and harmful, but in reality people do smoke cigarettes.
    • So in the end, we all went outside and smoked our cigarettes on the pavement like outcasts.
    • Cousin Liam and Nate were just a pair of casual guys who sat around smoking cigarettes and cracking jokes.
    • Lipstick-stained cigarettes overflowed in the ashtray on the table and on top of the television.
    • He used to smoke a pack and half of a day, and still smokes around a dozen cigarettes daily.
    • A leading medical journal called today for an outright ban on smoking and cigarettes.
    • By the time I met her, Sheila had been smoking about twenty cigarettes a day for many years.
    • If you really want to smoke cigarettes then do it in the privacy of your own home.
    • Marlene stubbed out her cigarette in the ashtray upon the low coffee table.