Translation of cigarette holder in Spanish:

cigarette holder

boquilla, n.


  • 1

    boquilla feminine
    • He's a garrulous paterfamilias who has somehow picked up the incongruous metropolitan affectation of a cigarette holder.
    • Apart from her arm travelling with the cigarette holder up to her lips on average every twelve seconds, she was still.
    • The jauntiness of the cigarette holder, the wit, the whole air about him are just not Old New England at all.
    • Little black dresses, cigarette holders, bright red lipstick, a certain amount of social repression - all seem to go together with cocktails.
    • He didn't affect a voice or wear a costume, apart from some antique glasses and a cigarette holder.
    • After dinner in a West End restaurant she lit a cigarette which she smoked through a long ivory cigarette holder.
    • An overfull roll-your-own dangles precariously from his ever-present cigarette holder.
    • The 1920s, self-evidently, were the era of the bottle party and the Bright Young Things, the Charleston and the shimmy, cigarette holders and mock Tudor.
    • Unschooled in the necessity of being accountable for her own actions and given to bouts of depression, Margaret took refuge in drink and started overworking the ivory cigarette holder.
    • She contrasted her stage character with her real personality by pointing out that even though she carried a cigarette holder in her act, she herself did not smoke.