Translation of ciggy in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈsɪɡi/

nounplural ciggies

  • 1

    • If you smoke sixty ciggies a day and are ten stone overweight, don't tell your life insurer that you're a fit non-smoker.
    • It was like a really good party: everyone was mingling, dancing and smoking ciggies.
    • I haven't smoked anything for ages, and that includes ordinary ciggies.
    • The Good Health Brigade would rather see elderly people huddled on a cold street corner sharing an illicit ciggy than accept that smokers have a right to their own bad habits.
    • Priests puff in churches, doctors on hospital wards - and to ask somebody to put out their ciggy would be deemed absurd.
    • I am sure non-smokers do not know the feeling of desperation after having gone without a ciggy for three or four hours.
    • We watched for a while with a brew and a ciggy to calm our nerves.
    • I find her, a ciggy in one hand and a bottle of Vodka alcopop in the other.
    • I wish they'd charge 60 quid for a packet of ciggies and ban them completely.
    • I gave up smoking last May and decided I needed an incentive to keep off the ciggies and took up running.
    • When she first got hooked on ciggies there were no health warnings on the packets.
    • Obviously, I'm giving up my ciggies for health reasons.
    • For a couple of years now I've trotted down to Soho every fortnight to pick up cheap ciggies from an air hostess who regularly brings back cartons from France.
    • Most people don't need hospitals until old age, but some bring it on themselves through poor diet and ciggies, or drug and alcohol abuse.
    • We first went to Cavendish because I wanted some ciggies but they didn't have any.
    • As it happens, a great deal of what we spent went on buying vast quantities of cheap booze and ciggies.
    • I found myself standing in a queue a couple of days ago at my local garage to buy some ciggies.
    • Save the money from your ciggies and buy yourself something at the end of two weeks.
    • Now I don't have ciggies and I don't go for smokes.
    • Candice picked up her crushed ciggy and threw it over the railing.