Translation of cinder track in Spanish:

cinder track

pista de ceniza, n.


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    pista de ceniza feminine
    • A synthetic track was recently built at Durham University, replacing an existing cinder track, at a cost of well under £200,000.
    • Nearby is a convenient cinder track, along the canal.
    • He put his injury down to running on a cinder track and insufficient cushioning in his running shoes.
    • He ran 100m in 10.4 seconds - on a cinder track with heavy spikes.
    • At the time, the sprint event was run over 100 yards on a cinder track.
    • Jack watches children running round a cinder track.
    • The all-weather track replaced a three-lane, 350-yard cinder track which no longer met regulations for varsity competition.
    • In the semi-finals, on a damp and heavy cinder track, he ran a wind-assisted 9.91 sec.
    • In the final season of his 23-year professional career, the man who honed his skills on the Sydney Speedway cinder tracks went out on a high, winning the South African Grand Prix.
    • Before each race, Liddell offered his trowel to fellow runners who struggled to dig their starting holes in cinder tracks.