Translation of cinematic in Spanish:


cinematográfico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌsɪnəˈmædɪk/ /sɪnɪˈmatɪk/


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    • Her music already has a cinematic quality about it, and it is a facet of her sound she'd love to explore further.
    • The music has a cinematic quality which conjures up images of film noir classics.
    • The film was unexpectedly cinematic, lending a savage beauty to the east Midlands suburbs where it was set.
    • One needn't actually play the games to appreciate their cinematic qualities.
    • The story unfolded with a certain cinematic quality.
    • If Caravaggio were alive today, he would have loved the cinema; his paintings have a cinematic quality.
    • The cinematic look of the film deserves commendation alone and the director is a talent to look out for.
    • The movie is filmed in a soft, fuzzy cinematic style.
    • The film has a romance that makes it a cinematic experience amid some tough subject matter.
    • For in this French film Jaoui gives us not a stylised cinematic vision of life but a sketch of it in all its banality.
    • Despite or because of this, the film succeeds as an attempt at a purely cinematic art.
    • His videos are not really cinematic; they are a series of contact sheets come to life.
    • The toughest part was taking a very talky play and making it cinematic.
    • I was going for a more cinematic feel and I think people associate that with American style.
    • There's nothing cinematic about nerdy guys doing things you don't understand on computer screens.
    • This film was a lot more fun, I think, and a lot more cinematic.