Translation of cinematography in Spanish:


cinematografía, n.

Pronunciation /ˌsɪnəməˈtɑɡrəfi/ /ˌsɪnɪməˈtɒɡrəfi/


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    cinematografía feminine formal
    • The photography / cinematography was to a large extent a product of its time, constrained by primitive technology.
    • Be it ad photography or cinematography, he works with equal zeal.
    • The cinematography, editing and soundtrack are, at least, competent.
    • Recently, however, she had been very fascinated by photography and cinematography.
    • The cinematography is luminous, the soundtrack is superb - an excellent film all around.
    • A great cast did total justice to the wonderful screenplay, captivating cinematography and strong direction.
    • For the rich cinematography of Bernardo Bertolucci or the seismic shocks of Star Wars, your local cinema was once the only place to go.
    • Emile is the final part of the trilogy and boasts impressive cinematography and well crafted scenes.
    • This is enhanced by languid cinematography, capturing scenes of the countryside and the small town in exquisite detail.
    • I was ecstatic because I will learn all aspects of film making such as directing, editing and cinematography.
    • As a piece of film-making it's first class, with wonderful cinematography and acting.
    • The cinematography and editing are both inventive, too.
    • Who can forget David Lean's wintry cinematography in the film Dr Zhivago?
    • The film looks beautiful with striking cinematography, bolstered by some excellent choices of locations.
    • From there she went to the National Film and Television School, specialising in cinematography and direction.
    • It's a pity that he ruins his otherwise commendable film with some extremely lousy cinematography.
    • The cinematography captures every freezing detail of Lake Tahoe's cold, clear water and crisp blue mountain skies.
    • The cinematography is beautiful and it's shot like a nature documentary.
    • Music, cinematography, and direction all work in unison, creating a sequence of terrible beauty.
    • The cinematography and framing are both graceful and purposeful, lending a real gravity to certain scenes.