Translation of cinnabar in Spanish:


cinabrio, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪnəˌbɑr/ /ˈsɪnəbɑː/


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    cinabrio masculine
    • Allergy to tattoo pigment is rare, but reaction to cinnabar, the red pigment, is the most common.
    • But, among what Ms. Moore lists as ‘poisonous’ pigments are cinnabar and realgar.
    • Some of the oldest focus not on gold but on cinnabar, the red mineral mercury sulphide.
    • Instead of using traditional Japanese mineral pigments such as azurite, lapis, malachite and cinnabar mixed with gelatin, he employed his familiar oil paints and European gilding methods.
    • The Greek philosopher Theophrastus described a method for preparing mercury by rubbing cinnabar with vinegar in a clay dish.
    • In the 5th century B.C., Asian artists discovered that the mineral cinnabar produced a stable, vivid red.
    • This is when the first texts for obtaining mercury from its ore cinnabar appear.
    • It is still possible to buy smears of cinnabar in the town of Huancavelica, located at 1,000 meters below the mine.
    • The data obtained can be used as a reference for controlling soluble mercury contents in Chinese traditional patent medicines containing cinnabar.
    • The mineraloid is usually found in the ore cinnabar, where it must go through a heating and condensing process to be obtained.
    • The trail once led from the cinnabar or quicksilver mines of Mount St Helena to the port of San Pablo.
    • Mercury is a persistent heavy metal, processed into a liquid from mined cinnabar.
    • The Taoist quest for longevity, begun in earlier times, persisted with research and experimentation in the consumption of cinnabar.
    • Red cinnabar had been sprinkled over the body and grave goods.
    • When he was only 15, an immortal taught him the art of refining cinnabar into a medicine that was said to cure all illnesses.
    • Striking jewellery from these Toronto designers includes materials like black jade, amber and cinnabar.
    • Cayenne pepper, which easily loses its red colour, was tinted with cinnabar, an extremely poisonous mercury compound.