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círculo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsərk(ə)l/ /ˈsəːk(ə)l/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(shape)

      círculo masculino
      to draw a circle trazar un círculo / una circunferencia
      • I don't know how they get white meat packed into the neat circles or oval shapes that they make chicken sandwich out of.
      • When the petals fall a large circle of beautifully shaped brown seeds are left arrayed in spirograph formation.
      • The beam of light aimed at the circle was in the shape of a circle.
      • Place one or several under a table lamp within the circle of brightest light; the colors will glow.
      • My oven mitts bear characteristic blackened circles in the exact shape of my stovetop burners.
      • I can see him there still, in the circle of light thrown by the lamp, leaning his head on his hand.
      • Gemstones came into use and were usually cut in circles or rectangular shapes.
      • Tight circles of light begin to appear, sporadically.
      • The story is largely seen in flickering circles of light and specific scenes are tinted using intense bubblegum pink and steely blue.
      • The light forms a massive circle, within which one can see the sad buildings that are being demolished.
      • The circle of light tracked beautifully across the empty gallery space.
      • We lit them and sat around our burning circle of light singing.
      • If you haven't immediately fallen asleep, you may see a circle of light.
      • We're sitting in his spacious living room, which is furnished with two couches and a dozen plastic green chairs arranged in a circle.
      • Arrange in circles of overlapping slices on four plates.
      • When he walked into the ballroom Leon saw a circle of candles arranged loosely around her.
      • He gestured to the couch and easy chairs arranged in a circle in the lobby.
      • Her pinkish red hair was braided and arranged neatly in a circle on her head.

    • 1.2(of trees, houses, mountains)

      círculo masculino
      cinturón masculino

    • 1.3(around eye)

      ojera femenino
      • His hair was wild, and dark circles hung below his eyes.
      • Her eyes were weary and bloodshot with deep dark circles under them.
      • I see dark circles under my bloodshot blue eyes and wrinkles from at least four years of undue stress.
      • His spiky blond hair was matted and there were deep dark circles underneath his eyes.
      • He looked terrible; underfed and beaten, with deep dark circles under his eyes.
      • Dark circles were etched into the skin below his eyes.
      • Foundations provide the coverage you need to disguise dark spots and undereye circles.
      • My blue eyes were bloodshot and dark black circles surrounded them; signs of a lack of sleep the night before.
      • He looked at her closely, taking in the dark circles under her bloodshot eyes.
      • Use a concealer to minimize any dark circles under the eyes or blemishes.
      • Below his eyes were dark circles, outlining his tired eyes.
      • She looked thinner, the telltale sign of a recent illness evident in the dark circles under her eyes.
      • Closer inspection reveals not only the wrinkles around his squinted eyes, but also a suggestion of dark circles under them.
      • She had the most dreadful dark circles under her eyes.
      • Real make-up suddenly looked like the preserve of those who had something to hide: crow's feet, dark circles and uneven skin tone.
      • Hey, what happened to those ugly dark circles around your eyes?
      • If you ran into me on a street corner I'd be scowling and glassy-eyed with dark circles.
      • There's no harm in asking Santa to give me my hair back, rid me of dark circles, and transform me into Brad Pitt.
      • He stretched out on his couch, dark circles under his smoky blue eyes.
      • If I could wear kohl eyeliner I would never need worry about having dark circles under my eyes.

  • 2Britanico

    dress circle primer piso
    • In the normal geometry of flat space, the diameter of a circle is its circumference divided by pi.
    • Pi, the ratio between a circle's diameter and circumference, has fascinated mathematicians for centuries.
    • We will locate a marker on the circumference of a circle.
    • We can picture all these dualities as points on the circumference of a circle.
    • A fringe of short parallel lines ran around the edge, and then a pair of concentric circles nearer the centre.
  • 3

    círculo masculino
    their circle of friends/acquaintances su círculo de amigos/conocidos
    • in political/military circles en círculos políticos/militares
    • in business circles en el mundo de los negocios
    • in other circles en otros medios
    • I prefer a few close friends to a wide circle of acquaintances.
    • And at weekends they spend their hard-earned cash in pubs and clubs with a wide circle of interesting, cosmopolitan friends.
    • Little by little he forges around himself a circle of acquaintances and friends.
    • He had a wide circle of friends in the book trade in Ireland, the UK and the United States.
    • His court became the centre for a dazzling circle of poets.
    • Word of her culinary prowess spread in media circles, and invitations came in to contribute to cookbooks and women's magazines.
    • The Irish wave of discontent in banking circles has spread across the EU.
    • Pornography was seen in fashionable circles as a radical movement.
    • But beyond tight-knit dance circles, the movement's original importance has been largely forgotten.
    • However, a circle of women disciples followed Jesus up to the end of his life.
    • You become aware that you're part of a movement or circle in any sort of artistic endeavor.
    • Both plays were very well received and she enjoyed some celebrity in theatrical circles.
    • Not all women benefitted from the situation, but only those within the circle of the upper classes.
    • In other circles, theatre is a dead artform.
    • The director is a big name in theatre circles and the actors are all well-known faces in Bangalore.
    • His years in Britain as a cricketer had been his passport to upper-class circles.
    • It is not easy to break into the cinema circle if you have no background of movies.
    • He was highly regarded in Bolton's amateur dramatic circles, regularly taking lead roles in Bolton Little Theatre productions.
    • In showbusiness circles his sexuality was an open secret.
    • His name, however, comes up all the time in hockey circles.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (move around) dar vueltas alrededor de
    (be around) rodear
    (be around) cercar
    we circled the landing site sobrevolamos en círculo el lugar de aterrizaje
    • Seen from space, an aurora appears as a ring of energy circling a planet's polar region.
    • The steel fence circling the ‘promised land’ looked rather imposing.
    • Their house will be circled, surrounded.
    • Houses cry out for a coat of paint and are circled by half-broken fences.
    • Lush grass surrounded the edge of the pit, which was circled by a white picket fence.
    • The Gare de Lyon is one of the ring of train stations that circle Paris.
    • For a glimpse of the not-so-distant past, you have only to cross one of the huge, bleak avenues that circles the Old Town.
    • Circled by soft white sand, the islands are getting known for their beaches.
    • It was a mountain, and there was a path that circled it.
    • It is a perfect spring day as they stroll along the path circling the artificial lake.
    • Decomposed granite paths circle the fountain, and a sandstone path leads to the front door.
    • It would take eight people holding hands to circle the base of the trunk.
    • Round and around they circled each other, lunging, stepping back, attacking and then defending.
    • Two dogs were circling each other in the enclosed space.
    • Turning to a working radar, we immediately spotted little white dots circling nearby Alcatraz Island.
    • The combatants were circling each other warily, and waiting for the next move.
    • They circled each other like two mad dogs, neither making a move.
    • As the crocodile circled, he retreated to find his dog, which suffered several long cuts to its leg.
    • Australia's media barons are circling each other like sharks in a very small aquarium.
    • Ever since, we have circled each other amiably, two playwrights on similar trajectories.
    • They circle each other with acrobatic moves.
    • Rather than smile and wink flirtatiously, they instead stare at each other curiously, like two predators circling each other in the wild.
    • Soon we were circling each other warily, but I had fought him before, and I remembered his weaknesses.
    • She pointed to two cats that were circling each other, starting to hiss.
    • In the time it has taken you to read this story, those two stars may have fully circled each other.
    • This means all the cars have to get back in a close line and circle for four or five laps.
    • After circling the area once, we headed toward my car.
    • The car circled the park once then rolled down Dong Khoi Street.
    • We circled the block once to see who was leaving the club.
    • She circled the rink once and then began to slap the puck around.
    • Once outside the girls circled the hut and collected their weapons.
    • Once again, the wolves are circling a large mammal.
  • 2

    (draw circle around)
    (mistake/number) trazar un círculo alrededor de
    • As he held the classified section toward me, I noticed a hastily drawn line circling one of the ads.
    • Answer by circling the response that best describes you: Agree, Unsure, or Disagree
    • She went through the ads with her pen, circling some and putting a single line alongside others.
    • I will always be a person who circles the date on my calendar and anticipates its arrival.
    • A list of places to avoid and areas where the pilots cannot go are ringed, circled and pinned into maps of the region.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    dar vueltas
    (aircraft/bird) volar en círculos
    (aircraft/bird) circunvolar formal
    to circle around sth dar vueltas alrededor de algo