Translation of circuitry in Spanish:


sistema de circuitos, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsərkətri/ /ˈsəːkɪtri/


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    sistema de circuitos masculine
    • The source uses two or more electrodes for ionization and control, and solid state circuitry for operation.
    • Tunable lasers are fabricated using complex methods and require sophisticated and integrated control circuitry.
    • Intelligence is quick feedback that miniature circuitry enables.
    • Makers can use fewer chips and thus have a compact sensor with smaller, cheaper integrated circuitry.
    • The invention includes a number of methods and structures pertaining to integrated circuitry.
    • Programmable, electronic thermostats couple sensors with circuitry to do the job.
    • You will need some understanding of circuitry and wiring for this project.
    • The fuse may be a simple mechanical striking mechanism, or involve the release of corrosive or volatile chemicals, or use electrical circuitry.
    • Certainly they have some knowledge of electrical circuitry, all right?
    • A Baltimore research team has developed a technique for building electrical circuitry that can bend and stretch like rubber.
    • The module has circuitry operating at microwave frequencies.
    • They are pretty close and may need two crystals or some fancy circuitry.
    • The coherent light beams could lead to ultrafast computer circuitry that transmits data optically.
    • Unlike delicate solid-state circuitry, valves are incredibly robust from an electrical perspective.
    • Odd blocklike shapes resemble the irregular geometric configurations of computer circuitry.
    • The rods are sawn into slices, providing the silicon wafers on which a chip's circuitry is constructed.
    • All electronic circuitry and devices have an inherent noise due to the flow of current in them.
    • Other optical methods use various wavelengths, measurement sites, and electronic circuitry.