Translation of circular in Spanish:


circular, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsərkjələr/ /ˈsəːkjʊlə/

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    (building/bed/pattern) circular
    (building/bed/pattern) redondo
    • Recent donations include the purchase of picnic tables, a circular seat round the willow tree by the lake, and benches in the park.
    • Surrounding the circle will be a circular grass mound, carpeted in bluebells.
    • The most striking design element of the atrium is the circular stair that turns 180 degrees between floors.
    • My first new belt in about seven years was a hand-painted creation with two rows of large circular holes running all the way round it.
    • Its circular shape invokes the tradition of associating circles with regeneration and wholeness.
    • My front garden is terraced with a paved circle, in the middle of which is a circular bed.
    • It had a circular driveway, and in the center was a small circle of grass with several beautiful rose bushes growing on it.
    • The pendant was circular, and within the circle was a tree with a sun in the corner.
    • Bottle labels, stationery, pump clips and exterior hotel signage feature a new circular design.
    • A circular brick island rises up in the centre of the roundabout.
    • Its outer circular wall was transformed internally into a square.
    • With old stone collected from derelict cottages on the edge of the village they built a circular garden.
    • Other churches worth visiting include the splendid cathedral and the beautiful baroque circular church of St Clemens, built between 1745 and 1753.
    • The centrepiece of the large interior is a circular bar, presumably there to make it possible to have a drink while waiting for a table.
    • One of the show homes features a circular staircase and upstairs gallery.
    • The restaurant's gimmick is a circular aquarium, behind 10 ft-high glass surrounding diners.
    • From now on, pizza will just be a circular abomination we order out of desperation, when there isn't time to make anything good.
    • A series of circular markers bearing Ralph's Cross, the park's symbol, have gone missing in recent weeks.
    • Iranian leaders wear black or white turbans wrapped in a flat, circular style.
    • Most Iranian intersections have a large circular island in the middle.
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    (making a circuit)
    (route) de circunvalación
    a circular tour un circuito
    • She followed the perpetually circular movement of the revolving doors, stepping out onto Kyanka Street.
    • We explored the mountains on a circular tour, walking every other day to a new camp.
    • For him, the journey of his young adulthood was a futile circular movement.
    • Apply to the skin in circular movements paying particular attention to your knees, feet and elbows or any dry patches.
    • The overall look of the Cuban salsa should be sensuous and fluid, with the dancers moving around each other and the floor in circular movements.
    • He said that he was interested in learning the circular movements of aikido.
    • He said there should also be a circular walk giving greater access to the riverside.
    • The biting surfaces of the teeth should be brushed in circular motion.
    • You should be making circular motions with your index fingers round your temples.
    • What should be a 10 minute walk from their home to a nearby park has turned into an hour-long three-mile circular hike.
    • The local Rangers attempt to cram as much of the area into a 10 km jaunt as they can, with a circular walk to Carbeth.
    • This last leg in our circular walk takes us across his farm.
    • Round and round she went, her circular flightpath growing ever bigger.
    • I took me just short of six hours to complete the circular route back into Middlesmoor.
    • The narrative is quite circular, in that the first and final scenes are very similar.
    • The longest circular route may take more than two-and-a-half hours.
    • It has recommended a string of proposals, including a new circular bus service in the area.
    • The company also removed its 651 and 647 buses which used to run in a circular route.
    • The five-mile sponsored walk will take a circular route between Baildon Moor and Faweather Grange on Ilkley Moor.
    • Orbits not being exactly circular, the minimum distances can range from 56 million km to 101 million km.
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    (argument) viciado
    • This is a classic circular argument, in which the conclusion is already present in the premise.
    • These estimates can be highly biased and produce a circular argument.
    • Such a circular argument, which relies on its own suppositions as proof, can be used to justify anything.
    • This is a circular argument: we read into the historical record what we want to see clearly.
    • This argument clearly is circular, because science is to tell us what is to be considered legitimate science.
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    (for general distribution)
    a circular letter/memo una circular


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    circular feminine