Translation of circulate in Spanish:


circular, v.

Pronunciation /ˈsərkjəˌleɪt/ /ˈsəːkjʊleɪt/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (blood/water/air/traffic) circular
    (news) circular
    (rumor) circular
    (rumor) correr
    • A titer test doesn't measure immunity, but it does measure antibodies circulating in the system.
    • But some testosterone remains freely circulating in the bloodstream.
    • Some rogue pathogens seem to be freely circulating in that county.
    • Central heating systems are equipped with a fan that constantly circulates the air in the area being heated.
    • The early vaccines focused on antibodies, circulating chemicals in the blood stream which in theory stop HIV locking onto white blood cells.
    • It can even indirectly prevent disease by stimulating the immune system and circulating hormones.
    • The aquapark is situated on a 40 sq m area and its equipment circulates about 35000 cubic metres of water.
    • A refrigerant, commonly known by the brand name of Freon, circulates through the system.
    • However, water in the heating system circulates, so would not be a draw on the mains water.
    • To truly loop or recur, the message or information needs eventually to circulate back through the system toward its originary point.
    • The company makes mattresses from visco-elastic foam with an open-cell structure that allows air to circulate freely.
    • Adverts on Blackburn buses have begun to circulate across the area.
    • These and the deeper tunnels form a ram system that circulates gases.
    • A direct solar water heating system circulates household water through collectors and is not appropriate in climates in which freezing temperatures occur.
    • The system circulates water through 48 vertical wells, each 300ft deep.
    • An air pump circulates a continuous flow of air through the device, replacing any air that is lost through the surface's pores.
    • A soft breeze circulated the area and petals were blown off the tree.
    • There may be 20,000 different proteins circulating in the blood, but few tests link any one of them decisively to a cancer.
    • It is tempting to think the virus does not circulate in my social group.
    • Each deck or cloister is wide enough for people to circulate while others work or chat.
    • The manuscript had been circulated among various publishers, most of whom shied away from this provocative treatment of a sensitive subject.
    • Local people said that whistles and horns were circulated among the community for the scaled-down protest.
    • Rumours that an entrepreneur may buy the doomed factory have been circulating among workers and the local business community.
    • They accused us of being unprofessional in a number of ways, saying that we were responsible for rumors circulating among journalists.
    • Tapes of these activities are intended to be circulated around the area, but please be patient as the director's cut is yet to be finalised.
    • As well as a public meeting, the Town Council has organised a petition which is being circulated around the area.
    • The allegations have been circulating for many months.
    • The deaths have prompted fears that a rogue shipment of deadly drugs may be circulating in the area.
    • The US dollar not only circulates freely but is positively welcomed in hotels, shops and street markets throughout the country.
    • Scottish coins were always in chronically short supply while foreign money circulated freely.
    • The Internet is essentially a system for circulating information.
    • Drugs are circulating more freely than before due to presence of mobile phones.
    • I have no affiliation with her company, except that I once reviewed the product that is now being pirated and circulated freely around.
    • But local authorities want to turn it into a high-tech hub, which means information and ideas need to circulate freely.
    • Two different reports circulated about their return to the world of pop.
    • Day's paper also looked different from what typically circulated in the coffeehouses and merchant exchanges.
    • Outside the official investigation, a different story began to circulate.
    • I want to ask you about the video that has been circulating in the past couple days.
    • There are also requests circulating via mails.
    • Word that a mystery guest speaker would address the Socialist throng around midday began to circulate.
  • 2

    (at party)
    • When we were invited to a party we couldn't circulate as a couple.
    • We go to a restaurant and eat, and circulate to chat with other locals, trying to make a plan.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (report/news) hacer circular
    (report/news) divulgar
    to circulate the rumor that … hacer correr la voz de que …
    • The company formally apologised to the community and circulated a leaflet explaining what had happened.
    • The school circulated a copy of the letter to parents prior to the Easter holidays.
    • The club had previously circulated letters to the community informing them about the recycling bins.
    • Transport bosses are circulating thousands of copies of a newsletter.
    • He is circulating a pastoral letter to Catholics in the capital this weekend, laying out his plans for a consultation exercise.
    • Why waste taxpayers' money by circulating letters asking for comments only to ignore them when they are offered?
    • He made a point of also circulating his letter to every local authority.
    • A total of 276 letters have been circulated as part of the operation, which is aimed at tackling anti-social behaviour.
    • A cruel hoax letter is being circulated, asking businesses to help a seven-year-old boy with cancer.
    • The clerk was asked to circulate a letter to local organisations to see if any volunteers were forthcoming.
    • If you prefer, you can simply make a donation or help circulate donation leaflets.
    • They will circulate posters and leaflets carrying his photograph.
    • They say the Liberal Democrats have circulated a political leaflet asking people their views on the issue.
    • The aim of the societies was to circulate letters and pamphlets and to initiate orderly debates on reform proposals.
    • The company circulated a letter stating the outlet was losing money and may have to close.
    • Flyers urging people to join the mass rally were circulated in the area.
    • Residents write down information anonymously about suspicious people or activity they see in their area on forms circulated by the police.
    • To advertise the hotline number, posters in Urdu and English will be circulated in Warrington.
    • The paper was never published, but it was circulated among training directors.
    • My own report on this was circulated a couple of days later.
  • 2

    (send circular to)
    enviar una circular a