Translation of circulation in Spanish:


circulación, n.

Pronunciation /ˌsərkjəˈleɪʃ(ə)n/ /səːkjʊˈleɪʃ(ə)n/


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    (of air, water, traffic) circulación feminine
    (of news, rumor) circulación feminine
    • If any aspect of city life offers an opportunity for ‘reading the city’, it is the systems of movement and circulation which constitute urban transport.
    • What could have caused deep waters to form in the low latitudes and so markedly disrupt the usual system of deep water circulation?
    • Under the newly funded project, scientists have designed a system for monitoring coastal circulation and movement of distinct water types.
    • In convection, heat is transferred through air or fluid circulation.
    • A fluid flow model involving deep circulation of mineralizing fluids beneath the Carboniferous basins was suggested.
    • It does this through convection, a process through which heat is transferred during the automatic circulation of fluid.
    • Rapid data circulation through digital information systems means that distance appears to shrink and time seems to collapse.
    • The circulation of fluids that forms this new class of hydrothermal vents is driven by heat generated when seawater reacts with mantle rocks, not by volcanic heat.
    • One may reasonably assume that fluid circulation inside unconsolidated sediments must play an active role in settling sedimentary structures.
    • According to O'Donnell, the system works through the circulation of lukewarm water in a network of pipe loops embedded in the floor.
    • The tides, weather systems and ocean circulation all influence the sea level over days to years.
    • Leave your pet at home with plenty of water and air circulation during the peak summer season.
    • We have little sense, however, of how these asylums fit into general systems of child circulation in specific historical contexts.
    • You end up with hard soil, with poor air circulation and poor water drainage that plants can't grow well in.
    • To allow water circulation between the compartments, nine holes had been made in the partition.
    • Air circulation and water will keep the microorganisms healthy and working.
    • Through this process, ocean circulation acts like a heat pump and determines our climate to a great extent.
    • Drain holes prevent overwatering and help provide air circulation necessary for healthy plant growth.
    • Good air circulation will encourage plant health in a confined area, and I would suggest adding a small fan to gently move the air, if needed.
    • Avoid crowding your planted pots close together, as your plants need good air circulation and growing room.
    • Academic science depends on the public circulation of knowledge and research.
    • The province is halting the production of any new books-on-tape for public circulation, while existing material is still available libraries.
    • I believe he has undermined the participatory principle of democracy in calling for the draft gender policy to be withdrawn from public circulation.
    • There are more than 250 million guns in public circulation in the U.S.
    • Further speeches served to augment his stature and collections were published and enjoyed wide circulation.
    • Whyte's book did not have a wide circulation among the public.
    • The press were quick to pick it up, granting it wide circulation.
    • Given its very wide circulation, this false statement may easily prejudice my trial.
    • This revised and enlarged edition was the form in which the book reached wider circulation and received much critical attention.
    • This footage is in wide circulation.
    • Back in my days, when LSD was in wide circulation, its reliability was much greater.
    • His theories had wide circulation in India and Russia, and he was welcomed personally by Nehru and other leaders in India.
    • This will ensure that the best books will have the widest circulation.
    • These radical shifts in policy and practice demand the widest circulation of the report.
    • In the early coverage of the crisis, how many false rumors received wide circulation in the widespread press?
    • Another story to achieve widespread circulation is the one of the motorist caught exceeding the limit by a speed camera in Cheshire.
    • Print gave rise to the mass reproduction and circulation of information with wide reaching consequences in all fields.
    • Although Cane did not enjoy wide circulation, it influenced a whole generation of Harlem Renaissance writers.
    • The school's director was extremely pleased with the wide circulation of the film and its international reception.
    • Media diversity is a good thing, only inasmuch as it provides an opportunity for the unrestricted circulation and clash of ideas.
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    (of blood)
    circulación feminine
    to have (a) good/poor circulation tener buena/mala circulación
    • Fluid and proteins leak out of the blood vessels during blood circulation in the body.
    • Physically, it is thought to improve circulation and stimulate red blood cells.
    • This improves circulation, relieves pain, and relaxes tension in the muscles.
    • Friction from rubbing salt over the body improves circulation, sloughs off dead cells, and softens the skin.
    • Exercise helps to regulate blood pressure and improve circulation, reducing the risk of blood clots.
    • Unfortunately, none of these will fix or eliminate the damaged veins that hinder proper circulation of blood through the body.
    • The treatment helps soothe irritation and inflammation, stimulate blood circulation and strengthen the immune system and the lymphatic system.
    • Health experts are finding out that some of the chemicals in cocoa can have a positive effect on the heart and blood circulation.
    • The body shuts down blood circulation to the feet, to prevent excessive loss of body heat.
    • Also, improving overall health through diet and exercise with also improve blood flow and circulation.
    • Stretching is a good way to keep muscles limber and to increase blood circulation during travel.
    • This bed may ease the aches of hip dysplasia and arthritis and improve blood circulation.
    • Among the benefits of massage are relaxed muscles and nerves, increased circulation, lowered blood pressure and improved flexibility.
    • To ensure proper circulation, drink adequate fluids, wear loose clothing, and, if possible, walk every half hour, or at least flex and extend your ankles.
    • As the parasites accumulate in the blood vessels, they can restrict circulation and cause fluid to build up in surrounding tissues.
    • The process, said Sam, would rejuvenate my skin, and might help with water retention and circulation.
    • The blood circulation is a closed system in which the pressure varies constantly.
    • Cellulite develops when excess weight, poor circulation, or water retention weakens the connective tissue beneath your skin.
    • Did you know poor circulation can cause water retention?
    • People with serious burns need to be closely monitored and often require intravenous fluids to help their circulation.
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    (of currency, newspaper)
    circulación feminine
    to put notes/coins into circulation poner billetes/monedas en circulación
    • that issue has been withdrawn from circulation ese número ha sido retirado de la circulación
    • circulation figures número de ejemplares vendidos