Translation of circumference in Spanish:


circunferencia, n.

Pronunciation /sərˈkəmf(ə)rəns/ /səˈkʌmf(ə)r(ə)ns/


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    circunferencia feminine
    two meters in circumference dos metros de circunferencia
    • A hailstone with a 7-inch diameter and a circumference of 18.75 inches was recently named the largest hailstone ever recovered in the United States.
    • After measuring a drum shade, add 1 inch to the circumference and 3 inches to the height.
    • The winner of the under ten category was Scarlet, whose pumpkin had a circumference of 57 inches.
    • The circumference of my thighs was reduced by between half and a quarter of an inch.
    • You can walk the entire circumference, a distance of 1.3 km.
    • I had to measure the circumference and calculate the diameter to make sure it would fit in and out of my doorway!
    • You would do better to cut out a large circle of wood and use a tape measure to find its circumference and diameter.
    • A search for a new teak wood tree of the required circumference and length began.
    • Waist circumferences of 35 inches or greater in women have been associated with increased health risks.
    • Men should have a waist circumference less than 40 inches.
    • The length of the collar should be approximately two inches longer than the circumference of the dog's neck.
    • Measure the circumference of your head in inches and see what you get!
    • He has travelled more than 774,200 miles on trips in Italy and abroad, equivalent to nearly 30 times the circumference of the earth.
    • Each subject was placed in the supine position, and upper arm and wrist circumferences were measured to determine proper cuff size.
    • They had these peculiar heels that were of a similar circumference to a ballpoint pen, and were about six inches in depth.
    • Maternal arm and calf circumferences were measured with plastic-covered fabric measuring tapes and read to the nearest millimeter.
    • The World Health Organization standards for waist and hip circumferences are based on measurements made in the standing position.
    • Calculating your body mass index and measuring your waist circumference are two ways to help tell if you're overweight or obese.
    • Measure the circumference of your wrist where the bracelet will be worn.
    • One commonly used method for quantifying differences in body fat distribution is to measure and comopute the ratio of the waist circumference to the hip circumference.