Translation of circumstance in Spanish:


circunstancia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsərkəmˌstæns/ /ˈsərkəmstəns/ /ˈsəːkəmst(ə)ns/ /ˈsəːkəmstans/ /ˈsəːkəmstɑːns/

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  • 1

    (condition, fact)
    circunstancia feminine
    owing to circumstances beyond our control debido a circunstancias ajenas a nuestra voluntad
    • aggravating/extenuating/exonerating circumstances circunstancias agravantes/atenuantes/eximentes
    • in certain circumstances en algunas circunstancias
    • in / under normal circumstances en circunstancias normales
    • In my view it was an opinion which is justified by the particular circumstances of the case.
    • But the judgment whether exceptional circumstances exist is not quantitative only, but may be qualitative also.
    • They have just faxed us to say there are unable to travel because of unforeseen circumstances beyond their control.
    • Sure, he wasn't following the " exact rules, " but certain circumstances had changed them.
    • He'd agreed to the deal very quickly, too quickly, even given the extenuating circumstances.
    • In the meantime it created embarrassment and difficulties for the College in considering her extenuating circumstances.
    • Against that background I consider the particular circumstances of the two claimants.
    • Finally, the authors suggest that the second patient's difficult social circumstances affect her suitability for transplantation.
    • She said there were special circumstances prevailing in the State that require special consideration.
    • "I think it makes sense for colleges to take into account the life circumstances of individual applicants.
    • She landed safely in his, but that had not changed the dire circumstances of the moment.
    • Given the difficult circumstances, they all act with incredible grace.
    • Where difficult circumstances arose, rather than tell lies, the organisation would be silent.
    • Was there any other way to mitigate the wretched circumstances of his life?
    • Strategic aims and circumstances have traditionally dictated campaign concepts.
    • She knew that had the circumstances been different she would want more than his friendship.
    • Normally, in ordinary circumstances, his drop wouldn't have been a problem.
    • The issues would have to be judged on the circumstances at the time.
    • People will look at the circumstances on the ground and see what is needed.
    • We will need to take speed and circumstance into consideration if these plans are to work sensibly.
  • 2circumstances plural

    (financial position)
    → see also pomp
    a person in my circumstances una persona en mi situación / posición económica