Translation of cistern in Spanish:


cisterna, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪstərn/ /ˈsɪstən/


  • 1

    (water tank)
    cisterna feminine
    tanque del agua masculine
    (of lavatory) cisterna feminine British
    • It is a water-saving device you fit in your toilet cistern so that less water is used for flushing.
    • The Court of Appeal held that although the escape of water was a consequence of the maintenance of the cistern and water supply by the landlord, it was not a breach of the covenant for quiet enjoyment.
    • Everything they needed to survive was inside: stores of food, cisterns of water, and strategically-placed air holes.
    • Old water cisterns and a Victorian toilet spill over with a veritable mass of plants and bulbs.
    • We have recently installed push button taps to stop dripping and wastage, and now they are looking at introducing water hogs for the toilet cistern to save on water.
    • Behind was a court, which provided light, and a place for a water cistern supplying a communal tap.
    • Amid comic dialogues and actions, and song and dance sequences, the players carried their message loud and clear: malaria-causing mosquitoes breed in clear water in the cisterns, tanks and wells of every household.
    • Size the cistern to provide enough water storage for reasonably expected dry periods.
    • The Japanese have gone one step further and installed hand-basins in the top of their cisterns so that the toilets are flushed with pre-used water.
    • Install half-flush cisterns in toilets so that the amount of water flushed down the drain can be reduced.
    • When you flush the toilet, the cistern refills by pumping the water through the tap on top of the toilet, so you can wash your hands as it refills.
    • Almost every house has cisterns and water pipes and fountains.
    • The company advises householders to check that their main stopcock works and that all pipe work, cisterns and tanks are well insulated.
    • Used water collected in this manner can be pumped back to supply outdoor taps and toilet cisterns everywhere already connected to the present system.
    • One compromise is to build a unit around the toilet to hide the cistern and plumbing from view but this ‘back to the wall’ unit will take up some potentially valuable space.
    • Rehabilitation would include bringing to working order the ablution which is in a bad state as most of the toilet pans and cisterns are broken.
    • But the resident must hand pump the water from the cistern to the barrel in advance.
    • They smash toilet cisterns over each others' heads!
    • When the bucket is full, I empty it into the toilet cistern.
    • In the corner of the room there is an iron cistern filled with water.