Translation of citadel in Spanish:


ciudadela, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪdədl/ /ˈsɪdəˌdɛl/ /ˈsɪtəd(ə)l/ /ˈsɪtədɛl/

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    ciudadela feminine
    this citadel of conservatism este reducto / baluarte del conservadurismo
    • Peter's army stormed the citadel and sacked the city, killing several thousand inhabitants and local Byzantine troops.
    • Each city was laid out on a grid plan with a high citadel and a lower city of domestic dwellings.
    • Victory eluded the British for three months, until Wolfe successfully landed men on the Plains of Abraham above the citadel.
    • The walled citadels in some early cities developed into elaborate palisades, walls, and moats to protect the multitude of Iron Age and medieval cities throughout much of the country.
    • The city fell immediately, but the citadel held out.
    • Lying at the town's highest point, the site resembles a small citadel, hovering above its surroundings and visible from the streets below.
    • He actually broke into the city, but could not take the citadel.
    • Nine of the citadel's original fourteen towers still stand, named after the guilds that raised the money to build and maintain them.
    • The most controversial proposal is for a three-storey museum under the Forbidden City, a sprawling citadel dating from the Ming Dynasty.
    • The great city walls were not breached until 146, and it took a week of street fighting for the Romans to work their way to the citadel.
    • The city fell immediately, but the garrison held out in the citadel.
    • They soon grew tired of the siege, bound their commander, and lowered him down the walls of the citadel to a summary execution.
    • It was only when he had almost reached the citadel that he leapt on his horse and rode off.
    • At this point the palace-organized economy seems to have ceased, though parts of the citadel continued to be occupied until about 1050 bc.
    • Nonetheless, the Palamidi Fortress, a citadel dominating the town, is worth a visit.
    • To this end 10,000 troops were quartered on the land, in great citadels at Leith, Ayr, and Perth, and a score of smaller forts.
    • The royal citadel, to strengthen the defences, was begun in 1666 and the dockyard at Devonport was developed in William III's reign.
    • We drove two hundred kilometers to Bam, a sprawling walled city and citadel begun two thousand years ago by the Parthians.
    • After the initial skirmishes of the battle, the French withdrew to their massive citadel.
    • A deep moat that surrounds the citadel has kept it from being damaged.