Translation of cite in Spanish:


citar, v.

Pronunciation /saɪt/ /sʌɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    they closed the factory, citing lack of demand cerraron la fábrica alegando falta de demanda
    • And citing the examples I gave above, it's a doctrine with which I absolutely and completely disagree.
    • Besides, one should not be citing historical examples.
    • I'll stop citing examples now, else I'll most probably write a thesis.
    • If you see specific instances that concern you in the future please send me a message citing examples.
    • On this occasion, he began by citing an example from his own highly successful company.
    • The report also cites the fact that limited access to education continues for many into secondary and tertiary education.
    • The report also cited a similar incident in Shanghai.
    • Some reports also cite incidents of physical abuse.
    • Work stress was the top health concern cited by the survey respondents.
    • The most commonly cited reason for satisfaction was the availability of knowledgeable faculty in the area.
    • Salary is rarely cited as a driving factor.
    • They cite approvingly the proliferation of anti-corporate lawsuits and pressure campaigns by community groups and trade unions.
    • Following close behind is new product development, which was cited by 37 percent of respondents.
    • Aside from the limited facts I cited earlier, that remains far from the truth.
    • The number which I cited earlier on is simply for illustrative purposes.
    • Inconveniences and time requirements are cited as cause for avoiding or procrastinating office visits.
    • Inactivity is cited as the cause of a third of coronary heart disease cases.
    • Performance deficit was cited as the leading cause of error, and distractions were common.
    • Audience participation has been cited as the most crucial factor in its success.
    • Changes in sea level and temperature have been cited as likely causal factors.
    • In scholarly literature, the number of times a journal article or a book is cited by other authors is regarded as an indicator of the relative influence or importance of the item.
    • This book was cited most frequently by the leading authors.
    • To answer that question, I want to cite a passage from the election statement of our party.
    • Of course, he had actually read the book five times over and could probably cite its passages from memory if he was asked.
    • In so doing, I shall cite many passages from his books in English translation.
    • Although he does not cite this particular passage, the author fills his book with similar examples for his scintillating exegesis.
    • In partial defense of the language police, citing permissive dictionaries to justify new usage is begging the question.
    • Clinicians who recommend books to their clients cite evidence that such readings are effective adjuncts to therapy in many areas.
    • I think we have a picture of one of them we can show, and he sometimes cited your book on government waste, quite favorably.
    • The exclusivity agreement, he said, simply requires ‘that anybody quoting any of the material needs to cite my book.’
    • Did you know your books are cited on a medical textbook web site?
    • The authors cite this finding as evidence that inflammation may play a role in the development of hypertension.
    • He cites German passages in the text but also gives complete translations.
    • The passages usually cited to support this view are in his opinion largely metaphorical.
    • Unfortunately, the data supporting the above-mentioned research is not specifically cited in the article.
    • The best-known species which are cited by authors are listed below.
    • His work has been cited in the professional literature about 1300 times.
    • So it is worthwhile to see how often his papers have been cited in the scientific literature.
    • In addition, a second newspaper report has now emerged, which has never been cited in the literature.
    • For simplicity, only intermediate metabolites that are cited in the text are indicated.
  • 2

    he was cited for bravery recibió una mención por su valor
    • He played him in the centre of defence and cited the converted striker as one of the reasons that his side did not concede.
    • The report also singled out the school's family support worker for praise and cited her work as an exemplar for other schools.
    • So, should you be cited for heroism or indicted for homicide?
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    she was cited as corespondent in the divorce proceedings fue nombrada como segunda responsable en la demanda de divorcio
    • She was cited, promised to appear at a March 27 court hearing in Malibu and then released about 1: 00 am on January 27.
    • In one month, 500 police officers were cited, 280 were called but only five gave evidence.
    • He was booked into jail, and he was cited for probable cause by the police that he may have committed an aggravated murder.
    • He was cited for contempt (later overturned) and his passport was lifted.
    • The firm has been cited for violations of the Clean Air Act.