Translation of city in Spanish:


ciudad, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪdi/ /ˈsɪti/

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nounplural cities

  • 1

    (large town)
    ciudad feminine
    the big city la gran ciudad
    • city plan plano de la ciudad
    • So can we have some sensible ideas for developing our city centre and outlying towns.
    • The city centre is a beautiful mixture of old and new, all of it tinted in a reddish pink.
    • Is it any wonder that our town and city centres are blighted with multitudes of empty shops?
    • Was it in towns and cities, the countryside villages and shopping centres?
    • The flip side of the coin is that hotels located in the heart of the city cost more.
    • It is great to be able to follow all the events in your beautiful city as they occur.
    • Of course we ended up staying and exploring Rome because it is such a beautiful city.
    • Suburban sprawl surrounds the two major northern cities of Inverness and Aberdeen.
    • Nearly every port city in the world has a substantial population of these rodents.
    • She has been busy visiting cities across the country for the last couple of weeks.
    • A torrent of people rushed from their office buildings throughout the capital, eager to leave a city under siege.
    • An influx of new shops and bars is set to bring the eastern part of the city centre alive.
    • Since then it has toured 73 cities in 32 countries and attracted over 7.5 million viewers.
    • Nonetheless, I'm happy to leave the city of my birth at arms length for now.
    • But we do not accept this fate with the torpor of other city dwellers.
    • Still, for all our differences country folk and city slickers posses one commonality.
    • His favourite is to take the city slickers out to see the Northern Lights.
    • Edinburgh and Glasgow were yesterday celebrating after being named Britain's top tourist cities for the second year running.
    • Stymied, city councilors considered other options including burning, shipping elsewhere and composting.
    • The survey ranked mainland cities in terms of their commercial competitiveness for the year 2004.
  • 2British

    the City la City (de Londres)