Translation of city farm in Spanish:

city farm

granja urbana, n.


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    (con fines educativos) granja urbana feminine
    • Originally it was a Welsh National Opera prop which went to a city farm in Cardiff before coming to new pastures in Pembrokeshire.
    • Okay, it's true that she is always whisking the children off to horrible places - Madame Tussaud's, or a city farm somewhere - but, even so, I hardly have a minute to myself.
    • Except what you can't see in the picture are the faceless council estates all around, and you can't smell the pigs grunting on the city farm over the road.
    • Newborn lambs will be the star attraction at an Easter day on a city farm.
    • However, probably the most exciting proposal of all is an exploration of the potential of developing a city farm.