Translation of city planning in Spanish:

city planning

urbanismo, n.


  • 1

    urbanismo masculine
    • There is no doubt that the complex, as it stands, is a result of negotiations between the clients, architects and the city planning authorities.
    • The biggest city planning faux-pas appears to be the complete lack of shelter for the economically weak and the informal sector of Indian society.
    • He studied city planning and engineering at the University of Tokyo.
    • But the new city planning and the new architectural style of the 1950s and 1960s was similar everywhere.
    • Meanwhile the city planning of Old Beijing City is focusing on general protection and organic renewal in order to improve cultural quality.
    • As such it became a target for the blinkered city planning of the 1940s and 50s and was given a concrete bed.
    • A good analogy of the process involved in developing an enterprise architecture is a city planning commission.
    • He reasoned that city planning could and should be regarded as an art, and one based on the spatial and formal compositions that preceded the considerable population explosion of his century.
    • Simple as it may be, this relationship of the building to the sidewalk is one of the key architectural decisions in city planning for cohesive neighborhoods.
    • The awards highlight projects that go beyond technical solutions to consider process, human behavior, and visionary city planning.
    • She had no formal training in city planning or architecture, or even a college degree.
    • Except for the west-central blocks, the basic unit of city planning was the individual house.
    • Therefore, it was to serve as a model in city planning for India and even the world.
    • The city planning department revealed that only a few more touches are needed to finish the project.
    • But city planning chiefs say no plans have been lodged by anyone yet - including the furniture giant.
    • ‘After surveying the area the city planning agency approved the proposal and expanded the land usage of the location,’ she added.
    • I don't know whether our city planning development department was merely generous with its upset price or whether the department underestimated the property boom.
    • They purchased enough excess land to assure that the city would never crowd the institution, and the city planning authorities also provided a greenbelt.
    • According to a city planning report, the proposal falls within the density guidelines, excluding basement space in the original, existing building.
    • In some places, the city planning construction hasn't been carried out according to plans, resulting in inferior drainage and in traffic problems.