Translation of cityscape in Spanish:


paisaje urbano, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪdiˌskeɪp/ /ˈsɪtɪskeɪp/


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    paisaje urbano masculine
    • Not all development is good; some of it is hideous, but most of the projects we are talking about are earmarked for areas where the cityscape has already been set.
    • Most theatres and concert halls contribute to the cityscape and weave of urban life.
    • Think of how the property boom in the UK has reshuffled towns and cities - changing cityscapes, mental maps, cultural capital, urban imagery.
    • In the meantime, I'm enjoying the mists of autumn but, when I dream, it is of cityscapes rather than rural landscapes.
    • As for infrastructure, it doesn't just drop from the sky, magically ‘appearing’ on our cityscapes.
    • The artist said he has always been inspired by the cityscapes and urban culture which peppers the environment he grew up surrounded by.
    • One can also take issue with the contrived nature of the chase scenes, which were of no dramatic value but rather served to showcase the cinematography and visually exploit the cityscapes of Rome.
    • It is sad when the foreign tourist stepping off the plane does not really feel he is in the country because the cityscape around him can be found almost anywhere else in the world.
    • The bike path that runs along the gorgeous Lachine Canal, which is lined with ducks, geese, a great view of the cityscape, and plenty of shaded areas, is beautiful, but challenging.
    • The Riverside City project will see a new cityscape built from the docklands.
    • The final showdown takes place in the sinister cityscape, which still has its creepy visual charge.
    • Occasionally, the students from my urban environments seminar will send cards depicting cityscapes: tenement housing, a tangle of highways, a well-designed park.
    • Ski areas are certainly more natural than cityscapes, but they still create significant environmental impacts through logging, erosion and damage to wetlands.
    • As she glanced through the window at the passing cityscape, she was once more filled with thoughts of Paris.
    • Fascinating in itself, it also plays a complex role in the surrounding cityscape.
    • Visually, the project functions much like an interactive cityscape.
    • The environment varies from desolate, mountainous areas populated only by the occasional tree to vast cityscapes, teeming with skyscrapers and featuring most of the attendant detail of a civilized area.
    • His main characters are usually portrayed against huge backgrounds, maze-like cityscapes or walls of nameless faces.
    • Chaotic, dark and layered, the collage suggests an apocalyptic futuristic urban world that only remotely relate to our traditional cityscapes.
    • Nightime in the area also brings exciting vistas over Canary Wharf, lit up to create breathtaking cityscapes.