Translation of citywide in Spanish:


que abarca toda la ciudad, adj.

Pronunciation /sɪdiˈwaɪd/ /ˌsɪtɪˈwʌɪd/


  • 1

    (network) que abarca toda la ciudad
    • Officials see a citywide wireless network as a potential revenue source, a way to bridge the digital divide and a means of attracting tourists.
    • Businesses might also pay a little extra to have a secure portion of the citywide network for their own use, he said.
    • The problem is that local banks are now busy establishing their own network, without time to consider a complete citywide ATM network.
    • The Olympics carry a record security price tag of at least €1 billion that includes a planned citywide network of surveillance cameras and aerial patrols.
    • A city councillor has called for a citywide ban on smoking in public places, provoking anger from city pubs and students.
    • Strategists who are adept at vote counting confided at the beginning of the summer that there were, so far, too few reliable votes to push through a sweeping citywide law that would reshape neighborhoods with affordable units.
    • At the time the decision to apply for trust status was made, it was undergoing citywide changes, and there was a sense of innovation throughout the city.
    • ‘Three guys in a bucket truck’ can get a citywide network set up in a matter of weeks, not months or years, he said.
    • An alarm sounded, and a citywide broadcast resounded through the walls.
    • To understand local people's interest and level of participation in charity events, it has for the first time conducted a citywide survey, only to find most of the city's enterprises very unco-operative.
    • The city government on April 20 kicked off a weekly citywide campaign to protect intellectual property rights from infringement.
    • We are trying to come up with measures like extra care housing, reconfiguring home help services and expanding citywide alarms.
    • We are committed to citywide consultation which will allow everybody to put their views forward.
    • The internet makes possible open publishing on a citywide and global scale.
    • The work surpasses the normal spatial boundaries of the city; it covers walls citywide and exists in neighborhoods not ordinarily penetrated by working class youth.
    • But as the movement has grown, it has successfully imposed its mandate on a wider array of businesses; one city has even passed a citywide living wage.
    • And today he became one of the first to answer a citywide call for people to tie white ribbons to their doors or windows to send out an anti-war message to the world.
    • Contentions by opponents that the measure will cover about 200 workers citywide were bolstered by a short report released by the city manager last month.
    • But before that there would be a citywide publicity campaign, including adverts on buses, in cinemas and in newspapers.
    • Houses must be allocated on a citywide priority basis.